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Just When I Think I'm Out...

I was just complaining to myself the other day that I was running out of a fiber and stuff to spin. Now, for honesty's sake, that's not even close to true but it's what I like to think when I run out of inspiration and umph. It makes me feel better. It's my own little justification in my own little crafty world.

Today a friend at work pulled me aside and told me he had a gift for me. I recently gave him some handspun yarn, him being a fellow knitter, and he went nuts over it. I really hadn't the faintest idea what he brought for me. Never did I expect this loveliness!

Four different colours of four alapaca fleeces:


The natural colours are sooo beautiful! There is about 3-4 ounces of each colour. I really didn't take good photos, the pictures don't do it justice at all. The two lighter colours are just _silly_ soft! They are so soft you just want to giggle because it doesn't make any sense. It is really wonderful clean fiber. I haven't decided how I will spin it up yet. I'm ridiculously excited and thankful for this wonderful gift!!! Thanks again!

After this I come home to find these two things in my mailbox:

My monthly installment from Spunky Fiber Club

Soul Windows

Soul Windows

Corriedale with 10% nylon
Really wonderful stuff! It's a really delicate feeling fiber with a hint of strength to it. I'm thinking either a 3-ply (yuck I hate 3-plies but I'm determined to conquer) or a delicious worsted single. We'll see what becomes of it, I really can't decide.

Two pounds of undyed corriedale:

Undyed Corriedale

It's really soft and I can't wait to dye it all up. It also _really_ smells like sheep. That also makes me giggle!

LASTLY (I promise) here are the dried and braided versions of my last dying adventure:

Braided Hand-dyed Rovings

Braided Hand Dyed Roving
Braided Hand Dyed Roving

Braided Hand Dyed Roving

Who's complaining about a depleted stash now?!


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