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This weekend I ...

Cleaned my room, listened to vinyl, opened the windows, straightened my hair, went out to breakfast with my mom, organized my new crafts, took some stuff to storage, sold some yarn, paid some bills, worked on wedding stuff, FINISHED MY QUILT!, talked to Phil on the phone (lots and lots, yes please), hung out with Bieow Bieow (and the rest of my family), turned on the air conditioning, turned on the heater (it got cold again), and watched Battlestar Gallactia.

Not in that order.


Progress shot of my quilt!

I'll take some proper pictures later.


What did you do this weekend?

xoxo Talia


  1. Hi! Just doing some blog surfing and found your blog!

    Oh! You made this? It looks amazing - I'm definitely jealous (I've been dying to learn to make a quilt, lol) :D

    xo! Ashley

  2. Aw thanks for stopping by Ashley!

    You should definitely try making a quilt. I just made a small one and it was so much fun!

    <3 Talia


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