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Sweet Letters!

I looooove snail mail!

It is the best.

Yesterday, I got the best package in the mail from my sweetheart. I forgot he was sending something and it was the nicest surprise!

I got:

-The loveliest letter. I might have had a tear or two because it was so sweet.
-Some lovely polaroid photos. I love you, instant photos!
-A tapestry he made for me. Yes! He IS that awesome!
-A countdown for when he comes to see me! I loooove count downs and was SO excited when it came. He even put a few extra pages on there so I could have a few to rip off when I got it! So thoughtful. So AWESOME!

<3 Letter



An update on the doilies I dyed with coffee. They turned out great!

29 days!
Talia Chrisine


  1. those doilies came out great, look much more vintage! I'm sure you have plenty of help but if you need anything at all, I've got loads of time on my hands. :)

  2. Ta for your email Talia... I'm a fan of Daisy turtle too... Hope the next 29 days fly by!

  3. ohmygosh. he's so nice!! awww. :)

  4. Thanks, Courtney!! Im glad they turned out, I was pretty nervous.

    Hi Maria!! Yes I hope they go by faster, they are taking too long!!

    Rachel, he is the best!!!! <3

  5. Talia Christine-

    Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog I really appreciate it!!

    You have a fabulous guy in your life! I can't believe he made that tapestry, it's beautiful! And the pictures are so cute! You did a great job of dying the doilies I often do it myself and I'm always surprised how well they turn out!

    Have a great day!


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