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My challenge

I sometimes like to set ridiculous goals for myself. A lot of times they are pretty silly and don't mean much, but I like to do them for fun.

Yesterday I had the idea of wearing dresses and skirts for a whole year! My plan was perfect -- to do away with jeans with the hopes of dressing up more often. Then reality set in.

I have become pretty lazy in the dressing department and I have lots of lovely clothes I never get to wear! I'm going to put a stop to it. My plan and challenge to myself is to not wear jeans for the month of May. I have lots of gorgeous skirts, vintage dresses, cute tops, and leggings just begging to be worn.

Yesterday I played dress-up with all my clothes and fell in love with my wardrobe again. Today I felt so pretty in my Anthropologie skirt and black flats.

I think I'm going to like this challenge.



  1. You should chronicle the journey for us... I miss your face.

  2. what a great idea! ...i should try this
    i just decided a couple hours ago to try being a vegetarian for a month...after i finish the meat i just bought haha



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