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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was so wonderful--and busy! I spent a lot of time with my honey and we got lots of stuff done in preparation for the big move. In addition to getting some stuff done, we enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend.


I woke up to a cup of tea and a goooorgeous breakfast that Phil prepared for me. Yes. I am spoiled. I am loved. I am in love.


Church Church
We went to church together. I love going to church together.

Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt Love
Afterward we treated ourselves to a cup of frozen yogurt! Yum.


Memorial Day weekend Memorial Day weekend
Memorial Day weekend Memorial Day weekend
We took Phil to the shooting range. He shot a handgun, shotgun, and rifle. He did so good! I was so proud.

Memorial Day weekend

What did you do this Memorial Day Weekend?

Talia Christine


  1. Hey Talia, Nice to see some photos! How'd you get Phil to wear a tie to church?? I haven't see than in my life!!

  2. Hahahahah Phil with a gun. Awesome!

  3. Nice work.. You guys look like your having heaps of fun!!

  4. Wow you blog is SO adorable! Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. phil i like your gun shooting outfit!

  6. Nice to see you both! (Phil in a tie?!) Not too long now...

  7. It's funny to me that the comments from bro and sis are about Phil's tie and not the guns...

    Just checking in to see what ya'll are up to (I can say ya'll here because you get it!)

    Looks likes fun. Glad you are together at last. :)


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