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Honeymoon Road trip: Part 2 - Destination Canada

For our honeymoon, Phil and I decided to drive across the country on an epic road trip. We drove from San Antonio, Texas to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (where we met) to visit friends. From Canada we drove down to the Oregon coast, through the redwood forest, and to the Grand Canyon.

Part 2: The Drive to Canada

Phil and I left Gruene, Texas to make the trek to Canada on June 28th. We made the trip over three days, driving across the Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washtington, and finally Canada. We drove, on average, 14 hour days. It was beautiful and exhausting. I thought it would be completely grueling but it wasn't too bad. I was enjoying the company of my best friend, having just been married a few days earlier, and we had a great time.

We saw some incredible little towns.
I would have loved to stop for longer and take more photos. Here are a couple of my faves.
(My other favorites were photos we took with our Instax and have not scanned into the computer yet.)

Road Trip Day 1: Drove 729 miles (=1173 kilometers) through two states from New Braunfals, Texas, through the Oklahoma "Panhandle" and on to Springfield, Colorado.

Road Trip Day 2: Drove 796 miles (=1275 kilometers) through two more states; from Springfield, Colorado, all the way through Colorado and Wyoming to Billings, Montana.

Road Trip Day 3: Drove 792 miles (=1275 kilometers) through three states and a province; from Billings, Montana through Montana, Idaho, and Washington, onto Kelowna British Columbia. Happy Canada Day!

Check back soon for more updates on our trip and photos with friends!

Talia van der Wel


  1. Man, I haven't been in front of the computer checking blogs in a while I'm SO behind lol, your trip looks awesome. It's so cool you guys got to do that. btw the light pink polish=cute, SO you I don't think I could pull it off ") can't wait to see you tomorrow

  2. Aw thanks Courtney! Im so excited for our breakfast date tomorrow.

    I didn't think I could pull off the light pink either but I loooove it. I always feel so awkward when I wear nail polish, that's why I like the subtle look. :)


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