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The spoils of our shopping

This morning we received some gift vouchers in the mail from some friends of ours. We took a quick look online to see some of the things the store had and went straight to the store (after a delicious breakfast) to pick up a few things for our future house.

And wowee did we walk away with a few things.

We were in luck! The store was having a fantastic sale and we walked away with more than we bargained for!

We got:
1 pizza stone
1 cupcake baking tray
(2) 9" round cake baking pans
(2) bread baking pans
1 Springform cake pan
1 Square cake pan
1 Bundt cake pan
1 Super large casserole dish
(I love this one)
6 Mini pie pans (for meat pies, oh and other stuff I guess) (I super love this one)

Oh! And the lady at the store gave us two free shopping bags to carry away our spoils in. SO nice. :)

It was SO fun and so lovely picking stuff out together and deciding on which things to get and which things to leave for now. It is so exciting dreaming our lives up together.

Until next time.

Talia Christine

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