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The things I love: New Zealand Edition

Meat pies:

Meat pies are genius! Flaky pastry with meat and gravy?! Come ooooon. That's genius. It's mostly why I moved to New Zealand. (jokes... but seriously)

The beautiful landscape:

There's nothing like it. My surroundings are so beautiful and it's winter! I can't wait for spring!
(Photos by me during my visit last February)

New Friends:

Tracy, Paula, Jess
These lovely ladies have been sooo incredibly nice and welcoming to me. It can be scary sometimes leaving all your friends behind, but I am truly blessed to have gained these new friends! Friendship is a wonderful thing.


Believe it or not, the mayonnaise is different here. And it is sooooo so good. I have it on everything (just about)! I have it in place of ketchup (because actually the ketchup is different here too, and I'm really not a fan) and it's amazing! If you come to NZ give it a try. Yum.


The van der Wel family cat. He is soooo funny and the fluffiest cat you ever did see. He has fluff coming right out of his ears. He thinks he rules the roost, and I think he does too.

My Mr. van der Wel:

Whether in Canada, or Australia, New Zealand, or Texas I am so glad to be by his side. I love this man. Thanks, New Zealand. Good work.


  1. I so missed our NZ meat pies while away in Israel! Glad you are making new friends. What city are you in? New Zealand is the bestest place ever!!

  2. We live in Hamilton! Whereabouts are you guys?

  3. Aw, thanks Talia!
    PS: You should try Whitlocks Tomato Chutney - it's just about the best tomato sauce in the country!

  4. You are definitely going to have to send me a recipe for a meat pie NZ style. I'm glad you are enjoying your new adventure!! I really hope we can make it out there to visit!! I miss you!

  5. WOW, the pictures of the landscape are sooo pretty!

  6. You spelt 'Bazzel' Pete's way, not Phil's way. That is the right way to spell it, I mean, that is the way Bazzel spelt it on his FB site. Hope you're doing well.
    Love Simon

  7. We are up in Whangarei!! (good old Northland)


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