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Happy Birthday Week: Monday

Tomorrow is my birthday and today is my birthday week.

In my family, we don't just celebrate your birthday. We celebrate your birthday week. (And throughout the month we acknowledge that it is your Birthday Month) The Garduña's love to celebrate and make things special. Mom would give us little treats, like a candy bar, during the week of our birthday week. It was the best! (P.S. - Thanks Mom for making us feel so special.)

Two weeks ago when I was driving to the daffodil farm with Jess, I mentioned our little family tradition to her and how fun it was growing up. Growing up I didn't realized that everyone didn't celebrate their birthday week. I thought that's what everyone did! Being far away from my family, thinking about our little traditions makes me miss them. Since it's my birthday week, I miss them a lot.

Yesterday at church Jess handed me a card and said that I had to open it that day. Curious about the card I opened it in the car on the way home. It was a birthday card! And it wasn't my birthday yet! Inside was the loveliest message from Jess and Paula saying Happy Birthday Week! And to look in the mailbox this week for surprises.

I really have the loveliest friends anyone could ever ask for. They make me feel so special and blessed and they make me feel at home.

This morning I woke up to a little special present in the mailbox!! What! For me?? Amazing!

A jar of pinto beans!! Believe it or not, you Americans, they are hard to find in NZ. I asked several people and they had never heard of them. This was such a special little present to me! And so creative. I love it!!

Thank you Jess and Paula for making me feel so special and for making me feel right at home.

Love, love, love,


  1. That is so sweet! What lovely friends - I need to steal your families tradition.

  2. What a wonderful present!!! Try looking for them in indian stores that sale other dried goods. Also New World stocks canned organic ones :)

  3. Kristy - Yes! It makes you feel so special to have a birthday week with little treats along the way!

    Marisol - Thanks for the tip! I can always rely on you for the tips on finding my favorites here.


  4. Ohh, this is only Monday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! And after your birthday week, we'll let you know where you can find pinto beans around here.

  5. Yay, Happy Birthday Week! I saw pinto beans in the supermarket today and thought of you! How strange - bet no-one's ever said that to you before!



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