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Our New Vintage Record Player

(Or: How I Have The Best Husband Ever)

When we shipped my stuff over from the states we included my gorgeous record player. One of my prized possessions. Getting the record player was one of the things we were looking forward to. When we got it here we attached the adapter to be able to plug it into the wall and held our breath. It started smoking. My heart stopped. It smelled like the record player equivalent of burnt toast. Uh oh. I took it to the electricians at work to have them take a look at it. It would cost more to repair than it would to buy a new one. I was bummed, but it was only a temporary set back until we could listen to all our beautiful vinyl again.

That's when Mr. van der Wel started looking online for a new vintage record player for us. He found a great deal on Trade Me for 45 bucks and we won the auction! We opted to drive out to the seller in Thames to pick it up.

I love it so much!!! It's even better than the last one. It's such a beautiful piece of furniture.

Our new vintage record playerOur new vintage record player
Our new vintage record player
Our new vintage record player

When we plugged it in one of the speakers wasn't working it was just giving out fuzz. Phil grabbed a screw driver and dove right in and fixed it. See?
I really do have the best husband ever.

I'm listening to Greetings From Michigan by Sufjan Stevens right now.

I'm a very happy camper.

Talia Christine

P.S. - My favorite part is that the vintage player smells soooo good!


  1. how fabulous! and what a great find for $45!!!

  2. Talia, Greaty had one of those pieces of furniture in her house in the 70's that someone had given to her and we listened to our vinyl records on it all the time. It was a very nice piece of furniture and so is yours!! Great find!
    and I am forever impressed with that wonderful, handy Mr. van der Wel.
    You two are such a beautiful couple!!

  3. Oooh! I love that Greaty had one too! Yes we really love our new record player. There's still a few things to work out on it, but it's pretty amazing!


  4. I totally remember Greaty's Record Player! I listened to all of my "Kid Records" on it!!! It was incredible! As soon as I saw the pic, I thought of that old record player/piece of furniture!! AMAZING!!

  5. That record player looks awesome! By the way, I'm about to get married and move to a new country, too! I'm from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and will move to California =) really soon.

    Hope you're adjusting just great to your new home!



    I'm your newest follower =).

  6. Miki, Marriage and moving to a new country is a big deal and that's really exciting! I wish you the best.


    P.s. - Thanks for following


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