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Ngatea Monster Markets


This Saturday the mister took me to Ngatea to shop the town's annual monster markets. Basically the whole town sets up stalls and has yard sales. It's incredible. There was so much stuff it was overwhelming. We found some amazing stuff at incredible prices and I can't wait to go next year!!

We got these gorgeous school atlases dated from around 1940. We plan to keep them for our coffee table. They have such character and are fun to look through.


They belonged to a Richard and Albert Dick. I assume they were brothers. We purchased the pair for $2.50. Not bad!

We scored two grocery bags full of leather scraps of different sizes and colors for 5 bucks. I plan to try my hand at making some leather wallets, cuffs, and moccasins. I can't wait!


I found this gorgeous vintage sheet for a dollar. I plan to either cut it up for quilting squares or use it as a backing for a quilt. It's sooo so soft. I love how it feels.


One of my absolutely favorite finds are these two vintage tins with cats on them. AHH!! They are soooo funny! They make me giggle so much.


We paid $5.00 for the pair which is a lot compared to what we spent on the other things but they are my favorite! So worth it. Me and Phil call them the "Cattins". I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet, other than love them to pieces.


We also managed to snag an entire junior's bookset (17 books in all I think?) for $2.00. I love that all the books match in the same theme. There are a lot of classics in the mix and a few I'm not familiar with.
I love how they smell. It was a great find!

And now, here is my find of the century. We found a gorgeous handmade New Zealand spinning wheel for... get this... 20 dollars! It's in excellent condition! AHH!!


We did a little googling and found that the wheel is worth around $250-$300. The bobbins are gigantic and are easily 3x the size of my Ashford traditional bobbins. YAY! It's really a little beauty. I can't believe we found her and at such a great price. Also, the seller threw in a bag of wool from their own sheep. It's really great stuff too! Sigh.

Lastly we got a brand new still-in-the-box juicer for $25.00. The box still had a price sticker of $165.00.


Phil started juicing as soon as we got home. He's been dying to see if you can juice kiwifruit. The answer is yes, you totally can. We had to water down the juice a bit because it was a bit intense, but after that it was really yum!

We also purchased some tools for Phil: a sander, a skill saw, and a chain saw (Not pictured, because I was distracted by my new spinning wheel and forgot to photograph them.)

Yes, we made like bandits. Like I said, I can't wait for next year!!

Talia Christine


  1. What awesome finds!! I love the tins too! Depending how big they are, you could fit mirrors inside the lid and use it to carry your lipstick? Or put mints in them? Or you could just love them :)

  2. @Sophie, I love the mirror idea!! And as a case for mints. The tins were originally candy containers so it's just the right size!


  3. These are great finds ! That sheet is beautiful !

  4. You two are the bargain masters!!!!

  5. @Lindsay C, I love the sheet too! It was the very first thing that caught my eye and the first thing I bought.


  6. What a cool event! I love the cattins - they are so fun and cute. I love vintage sheets too. That one is lovely. And your wheel is beautiful. Great finds :)

  7. The book set is so cute! Plus any set that includes Little Women is perfect to me!

  8. HOLY COW!!!! I can't BELIEVE you found all that stuff!! I'M SOOOO JEALOUS! :P And that spinning wheel, *sigh* a-maz-ing. I LOVE old books, my dream is to have a library/study in my house one day.

  9. @Courtney, Eee! I know! I can't believe we found that wheel! I miss you! I just bought my plane ticket to visit in January. Hooray!!


  10. your a girl after my own heart. i can't think of a better way to spend a day. i love all the treasures you found!

  11. Hi Talia
    I just linked your blog to my Facebook page I set up for the Ngatea Garage Sale. Hope you're coming along Saturday-week! :)

  12. Hi there! don't forget it is next weekend.....ah i see that someone else did what i have done. linked your blog about the market onto my facebook page......... i would tell you the name so you can see it, i think you would like it. i work in early childhood centres and also do pd for teachers, to encourage them to tell, rahter than always, read stories. and it is so good to have funky props........i can just imagine making up a story about the characters in your Catlin pictures..... to be able to produce the pictures as prroof that Grandma and Granddad Catlin really did extist!! etc. anyway it is called 'Storytelling threads' and i also do wet felting workshops and am keen to do more. https://www.facebook.com/storytellingthreads


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