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Big Happy News! (The Happiest)

Big Happy News!!!

We're expecting a baby!
Due June 9th, 2011.

We're beyond excited to share this news and we're so excited to meet you, baby! We've been calling the future baby our "van der Bean" or just "Beansie" for short because the baby is so little (and growing so fast!)

I'm officially past my first trimester and I can't believe it! I've been sick as all get out and hopefully soon the morning sickness will pass.

I'm already planning all the cute things I want to make and knit for the little one.

Ah! We're gonna be parents!! We couldn't be happier!

Talia Christine


  1. WOoo hoooooooo! YAY pregnant sisters are the best!!!


  2. WHAT???????????

    CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO van der Bigbeans!!!!!

    im so happy for you!! cant wait to know the selected names. you know, Neese makes a great middle name for both boys or girls!!


  3. Oh, my goodness! Sooo happy for you! xoxo (happy tears)


  4. Congratulations Talia! That is so wonderful.

  5. WOW!!! that's sooo exciting! you're about to embark on the most profoundly life-altering journey... a first baby is the most magical time EVER :)
    Congratulations xo

  6. Awe congratulations! We nicknamed our daughter Laylabean, so Kudo's on the beanish nickname! :-P

  7. Massive congratulations to you both! How exciting!! Wow, what a crazy time for you both, a new house, rennovations, baby on the way! I hope you will blog about this side of your life too :)

  8. Congratulations!!!! Such exciting news - yay!!!

  9. My little grand-der-bean!!!!

  10. YAY Congrats cousin for Dylan friend for James oh and beansie is due on my birthday!!! Love to you 3 and congrats!! need any advice i can help some I am 3 weeks til my due date.

    Bethany Willoughby

  11. Congratulations to you both! When the sickness passes you'll feel amazing...promise! xo

  12. Congratulations! Such exciting times ahead : )

  13. This just made me smile and tear up. I can feel how happy you are just by reading the post. :') I'm only 17, but reading about you and your husband makes me so excited to get older. Congratulations!
    xo Megan


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