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Little Letters

Dear Flies,

If you come into my house, I will kill you. You've been warned.

Dear Baby,

You are really hurting my back and my insides feel like they are stretching. Also, I don't think I can ever stomach onions ever again, but I really really love you. A lot.

Dear Raisin Bran,

You are super yummy. Thanks for being so reliable and what I want in the mornings.

Dear Husband,

You make a killer roast. I love cooking with you and being your internet research assistant while we try to figure out what temperature to cook things. You are my best friend.


Edited to add: Dear Neighbor, We haven't met yet (which is a shame) but I think your music is really terrible. Stop playing it so loud. Please and thank you.


  1. dear talia,

    it's time for you to realize how awesome your neighbor is.


    ps i miss you. is it bad i'm having withdraw after like four days?


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