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At this very moment I should be elated. I should be jumping-up-and-down excited.

Today is packing day. Tomorrow I leave for the airport at some ungodly hour of the wee morning. Tomorrow I leave for the States to visit my family for three weeks and tomorrow I say goodbye to Phil for three weeks. Ack!

Instead of being elated I feel super overwhelmed with the huge amount of stuff I have to do today. I'm still in my pajamas. My hair is still a mess. I haven't packed or sorted anything yet (but I do have a list of things I need?). I need to remember my vitamins, my phone charger, my camera, my insurance, lots of undies, some sort of coat since it will be cold there, oh and my toothbrush. And probably some other things.

So after I finish this cuppa I am off to start my day and get packing!
Wish me luck! I hope I don't forget anything!

Talia Christine

Dearest dearest Texas, I am going to see you very soon and I will eat lots of Mexican food and an inordinate amount of breakfast tacos and chik-fila. Oh yes I will.

Love love love love, Tal


  1. Mackenzie MartinezJanuary 11, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    Hahaha! I don't know how you do without Chick-fil-a! :) I don't have it often, but when a craving hits, I GOTTA HAVE IT and nothing else works! Hope you have a comfortable flight! Love you!

  2. @Mackenzie: Gosh I know what you mean!!! I can't WAIT to get Chik-fil-a!!! <3


  3. Have an AMAZING trip!! Wish you would be further north so I could see you! :)

  4. Hi Talia
    You don't know me, but i know Phil from back in the day. I am currently living in the states (CA) and just got back from a 2 month trip to NZ for the Christmas holidays. I had to spend 2 weeks apart on each end from my hubby of 4.5 years. We are also pregnant after a long trying period, and are due end of may (so super close to you two?).. SO I can completely relate to your need for family, but dread of husband separation - it seems to be a tonne worse being pregnant too, with all those raging hormones! ;)
    Anyway, to sum up, I feel your pain and will be thinking/praying for you both.
    Ingrid (inti) Wierenga

  5. I just found your awesome blog and I love it!! I hope you have an amazing trip, enjoy the time with your family. I bet they can't wait to see you :)


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