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The Bean: Week 22


We're in month 5 and we're officially past the halfway point! My belly feels GIGANTIC and I am nervous to only be halfway. Seriously, I'm nervous. How big can this belly get???

I can feel the Bean kick and move all day now. It is an amazing feeling. It's also a really weird feeling. I'm almost never ready for it and it almost always takes me by surprise. Sometimes I feel a little flutter and sometimes I feel a legit kick or a punch. Not to take away from the beauty of it or anything, but it feels like I ate a bean burrito and that burrito is kicking me from the inside. Yeah I know, it's pretty awesome.

We went for a ultrasound yesterday which was sooo incredible! We saw the little Bean's face, hands and fingers and toes, legs and arms, heart and head. Everything is going really well and I feel really seriously blessed. I can't wait to meet this little Bean! We opted not to find out if it is a boy or a girl, which I find so exciting! OF COURSE I want to know if it's a little he or a little she but that is part of the beauty and mystery of having a baby.

If I'm honest, I really really love being pregnant but it also is almost nothing like I pictured. Growing up, my mental image of pregnant-me was almost like a mythical creature. I glowed and wore long flowing dresses. I somehow became more graceful (a gift I've never ever possessed) and my voice probably sweeter. I'm nothing like that. And that's okay. My back aches like you wouldn't believe and I've developed quite the little waddle. My posture has changed and I'm pretty sure my butt sticks out in a way that it didn't before. I am having more and more trouble sleeping at night and finding a comfortable position. I'm permanently tired. Not to mention that I cannot regularly go to the bathroom or pass gas when I need to. Sorry, but it's true. I am not the picture of grace. I'm a mom to be and my body is busy baking this little Bean and I love my job of being a vessel for this little person. It's very special to me.

What I'm craving:
Anything spicy. Yes it gives me heartburn. Yes it is so so so worth it.

What Mama's wearing:
Dresses! It's so hot here I can't bring myself to even try on my jeans to see if I can wear them. While I visited my fam in Texas (where it is currently Winter) I wore a lot of leggings (bless them), tunics, and dresses. I am finding it easier to find things to wear now that I have a full-on baby bump. It is easier to accentuate the little bump now that I've got one and I love showing it off.

Talia Christine

P.S. - Sorry I skipped a few weeks. I'll make it up to you by posting some baby bump pictures soon! Cross my heart.


  1. welcome home!! (home? well, kinda... :) )
    look forward to seeing the bump

    Dee xO

  2. I fully totally and completely agree with everything you said about being pregnant. It is an amazing gift from God even the rough parts are completely worth it! Oh and just wait til that little one is in your arms you think its sweet now! Anyway God bless you both and know that we are praying for you!
    Love you,


  3. oh my gosh! I never took pictures of you or with you!! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! Man i can't wait to see pictures!

  4. @Dee: Thanks, Dee!! I'm super glad to be home. I neeeed to be with my husband. And yes, I totally consider this home now.

    @Courtney: Haha! I know! I totally thought about that after the fact. We're the worst! (but I still super love you.)

  5. I hate to break it to you sister, but that belly gets really big. REALLY BIG. And when you think it can't get any bigger? It does.
    I was really small early in my pregnancy. Until six months people were surprised when I told them I was pregnant, and all I wanted was to look the part. Then...I popped! Now I look at those photos of my little bump and would give ANYTING to retreat back to that! You look great though, and you will love that belly.


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