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New Job (and back to regular life)

New Job!

Phil started his new job this morning! I took a bunch of pictures as Phil was getting ready to leave. I'm so proud of that man.

New Job!New Job!

Phil finally got a job with the company he's been wanting to work for for ages.
It's just a hop-skip from our house and Phil can walk to work (and did this morning!).
Congratulations again, Love!

In preparation for the coming week, Phil resigned his job on the kiwifruit orchard and spent this last week at home with me. It was sooooo wonderful spending this week together! I took a break from blogging to soak up every minute with that man. He's the best. He really is.

I have lots of updates and things to do! I've got a whole to-do list that should help with my settling back into regular life.

Have I mentioned that I'm 32 weeks?
Only 8 more to go until Beansy's due date! AHH! I'm SO excited, but that means I've only got 8 weeks to go to knit some things for Baby. I've got to get knitting!!!

Talia Christine

P.S. - Where does time go? This pregnancy is going by so fast.


  1. Congrats to Phil and so excited for the little Bean.

  2. YAY! That's so awesome Phil got a new job!! I can't believe you are 32 weeks already! Holy Moley! SO SUPER EXCITING!


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