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35 Week Baby Belly

Mama's Wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in NZ and though the Bean isn't here yet Phil treated me to a delicious dark chocolate bar and a home cooked dinner to die for. We had bacon wrapped eye filet steaks, baked potatoes (for me), rice (for Phil), steamed broccoli and green beans. He gave me a back rub and we watched Masterchef.

With only 5 weeks to go until the due date we are savoring these evenings together as a small two-person family.

These days I can feel the little Bean's legs and feet against my belly. I can feel the heel and sometimes I'll give it a little tickle and the Baby moves the foot away. SO SWEET! Around 33 weeks the baby was breech but finally did the ol' flip around. I am so thankful!

Thank you for the wonderful day, Husband! I love you so much!! I appreciate everything you do for me, like helping me in and out of bed and getting me the hot water bottle for my back. I cherish the sleepy morning kisses you give me before you go to work and the little texts throughout the day. You are my love and I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. You're the best one.

Talia Christine

Happy Mother's Day to my own wonderful Mama! I miss you so much and you are such a good Mama to me. Thank you for raising me and for loving me all these years.


  1. Beautiful! Happy Mothers Day :)

  2. love your post your pics cant wait to hear and and finally see pics of your little bean!!!
    love you my dear friend and happy mothers day!!

  3. Mackenzie MartinezMay 9, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    Yaay...a picture of you pregnant!! :) You look beautiful!!! <3

  4. @Mackenzie: Thanks, Mackenzie! You're too sweet ♥


  5. Oh too cute! You make a gorgeous pregnant lady! Not long to go now!

  6. so beautiful, and i love that dress!

  7. yay yay yay! Finally some sweet belly pics! get lots! you will miss it even though it might not feel like it now :D


  8. love these photos. Happy belated Mother's Day to you!!!


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