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Call For The Crafty

Call for the crafty

All right, folks! I am in need of a stylish and cute diaper bag for carting around the Bean's things, however, it's just not in the budget to go out and buy one at the moment. So with that option out, I'd love to make my own! That's where you crafty guys and gals come in. Do any of you know of a reliable pattern so I can make my own? I'd love to know!


Talia Christine


  1. I've made mine and I LOVE it! I didn't have a pattern, I just invented one. I'll show it to you on Thursday. Also, I did have a whole lot of links to tutorials to make nappy bags - have since lost them, but I'll do some hunting and send them your way!

  2. Duct tape all the way! Haha! That's all i've got i make things with duct tape all the time and i think it's super cool.

  3. I've got a pattern for a 'mini nappy bag' with a matching changing pad. But its more or less designed as a small bag for quick errands you don't want to lug the giant nappy bag around too.

  4. I made mine from a pattern in 'handmade beginnings' (http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Beginnings-Sewing-Projects-Welcome/dp/0470497815) which turned out awesome. Maybe check the library out?

  5. Hey Talia, there's some cool bag ideas on this website http://u-handbag.typepad.com might find something useful.


  6. This bag would make a good diaper bag,

    If you use oilcloth or laminate you can make it water resistant.
    I sell some Kokka laminates in my Etsy shop:

  7. Oh, wouldn't you just love to buy one of the carpet-bag style Cake bags by Petunia Picklebottom? Sheesh, they are $350. Whenever I see someone carrying one, I think (enviously) "I would have to carry that thing until I'm 90 to justify the cost."

    My sister made my first diaper bag for me. The Amy Butler nappy bag. The problem with this one is that things tend to get lost in it. And it doesn't have a flat bottom, so it's not super practical for bottles and sippy cups.
    I bought Amy's book "Little Stitches for Little Ones" a few years ago and it has 2 different diaper bag patterns included with the book. The first is the Modern Diaper Bag. But my favorite one is her "The Everything Bag-tool kit for mom". I would just make the straps longer.
    It's sturdy and rectangle with plenty of pockets.
    Wish you lived closer. You could borrow my patterns.

    Finally, a few things I learned from using diaper bags over the past few years:
    1. flat bottom bags make more sense.
    2. Need longer or adjustable straps. Once you have blankets, diapers, toys stuffed in that thing, you can't sling ones with shorter straps over your shoulder.
    3. Need pockets on the outside for bottles and sippy cups. Can't tell you how many times I've had to clean blankets and clothes because a sippy cup leaked.
    4. Use stabilizer for the bottom and a heavy lining/interfacing for the sides. The sturdier the fabric, the better.

    There are also a ton of free patterns online:

    Hope this helps a bit!

  8. @Jen: Ah, Jen!! SO many great tips. I would have just up and made a bag if I knew what components made sense in a diaper bag. The tips you have shared are gold. Thank yo so much!



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