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Lately, I've been trying to woo some of the neighborhood cats into being my friend but to no avail. In lieu of needing some cat companionship, I just visited Dreamcats instead. There I can get my fill of all manner of kitty cat goodness.

So I thought I would share. Enjoy.

Gros_king chair... (cc @dissogirl )


For more cat love visit dreamcats.tumblr.com!
Pretty much my favorite website.

Talia Christine


  1. Oh Talia....so cute those kitties!!!
    I have some great pics of my kitties....would love to share with you...my blog has my email addr. if you are interested. By the way, so cool that you live in New Zealand....My Hubby and I love the Lord of the Rings movies which were filmed there. The scenery is absolutely amazing.

  2. I feel the same way about cats. Unfortunately my husband and boy are allergic. Breaks my heart. Thankfully I can retreat to my mom's house and love on hers when I need my cat fix.

  3. Those cats are so beautiful, it's sucks you can't have one of your own though.. I'm in love with that little grey one :)



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