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Shoe Love

I am in love with so many shoes this season! I've been dreaming wistfully about oxfords, high heeled boots, and some beautifully precarious wedges. Here are a few of my favorite picks from my wish list! Enjoy! ♥


1. Kimchi Blue Woven Heeled Oxford - UO
2. Kimchi Blue Wooden Heel Oxford - UO
3. Elise Lace-up Ankle Booties - Ruche
4. Verna Bylar Oxford Heels - Ruche


5. Summertime Brunch Espadrille Wedges - Ruche
6. Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge - UO
7. Everything Goes Wedge - Modcloth
8. Espadrille Sergeant Wedge - Modcloth

Aren't they dreamy? I'm in deep love with those oxford heels.

Talia Christine


  1. I used to think oxfords were odd but lately I have been lusting after them. I've been on a bit of a granny/pixie boot kick, too so it might be awhile til I can get spendy on those beauties! The first pair from Urban are so cute!

  2. Those Kimchi Blue Wooden Heel Oxfords are soo pretty! If I hadn't just bought a new pair of heels, I might have been able to justify in my mind buying a pair of oxfords! :) Cute picks!

  3. Those wedges are really cute! I've been trying to find the perfect pair for summer, but I'm so picky when it comes to shoes lol.

    Oh Jazmyn

  4. i love the ruche ones. everything from ruche is adorable.

    your blog is super cute, i was just reading through some of your posts. i'm excited to read more :)

  5. I love wedges. SO much! #5 is my FAVORITE!!!! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  6. I'll take two and six please. Who am I kidding, I need all of them. Need. Because a girl really should have three pairs of oxford inspired shoes to be happy. Swear, I'll be a better person with those on my feet.

  7. @Wearehomesweethome: Same! When I first became even aware of Oxfords, I was majorly skeptical and thought I would never wear them. Now I want them in every variety! They're my favorite shoe.

    @MellyB: Haha!! Same. I think I would be a better person with these shoes too.


  8. Ohh these are all such beauties <3 The first pair are my absolute favourite!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. droooool! these are all GORGEOUS!

  10. Use our printable shoe size conversion to help determine your size. Need to find your size in UK and Unisex sizes? Check out our conversion charts.


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