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A Day In The Life

If there's one photographer you should be excited about right now it's Tim Coulson.

His photos are real. Honest. Snapshots of moments in time. They aren't staged and posed. They are documenting. Capturing. Captivating.

When Tim emailed and asked if he could visit and spend an afternoon with us taking photos of our everyday I was thrilled.

I warned him that we aren't the most exciting people in the world. We are pretty boring really. But this is our life, and boring or not, it is beautiful.

I love these little moments at this time in our lives. Time is fleeting quickly and these snapshots hold these moments still for me. What I love about them is how familiar they are to me. This is normal life. Those are my books on the shelf. Those are our photos on the wall. That's our kitchen with the bright red counter tops. That's our tiny daughter who is growing so quickly. That's my husband tending the fire to keep our little family warm. All of these little things are beautiful and we are truly blessed.

We got to spend the afternoon with Tim and his wife, Kesh, and we talked and laughed and got to know one another while he was snapping photos. We asked them to stay for dinner and me and Phil cooked up a Mexican feast.

We really enjoyed getting to know the Coulson's and having them over. It was a pleasure in the truest sense of the word. If you can book Tim to take photos for you, do it. These photos are priceless to me.

I tried to pick out a few photos but there are so many I love. Check out more of the photos at Tim's blog.

Talia Christine


  1. Congrats on the birth of your daughter. These photos are so beautful and peaceful- they seem to still the heart.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Its nice to get a snapshot of a day in your life - I suppose it will change so quickly with a little one!

  3. Wow! What a treasure! Can you imagine how fun it will be for your daughter to look back on these when she is older! I still never grow tired of looking at photos of my family when I was young.

  4. these are absolutely wonderful.

    by the way, my name is jane and i'm a new reader! i love your blog. your family is adorable.

  5. you give me baby fever... ugh.... lol! ;-) your life looks perfect. ;-)

  6. Well, I knew that I needed to take more pictures of my boyfriend and I's daily life, but now I'm actually inspired to do it. Lovely pictures!


  7. you are *so* gorgeous! i visited his site to see the rest. what a sweet little family you have.

  8. Wow. they really are gorgeous shots. such a treasure to be able to remember a snapshot in time this way. very, very inspiring :o)

  9. So much beauty!

    Love your blog here!~

  10. Hey Phil & Tahlia, I feel like I've just come for a visit - except you didn't know I was there. Really beautiful photos. It so reminds me of when Mark and I first moved into our little old 50's house and had Annalee. Special times. God bless. Diana

  11. These photos are so lovely! They all capture such happy, cosy home moments ♥ I think the ones of your Mr. bringing in wood for the fireplace are my favourites.

  12. Oh this is just too adorable.


  13. These are stunning photos, you have a beautiful family and a lovely home. I'm so glad I recently stumbled on your blog - we've never met, but both my husband and I know Phil from his time in Kelowna. Perhaps we'll cross paths one day! :)

  14. A beautiful capture by the uber talented and so very sweet Tim. He took photos of us shortly before I gave birth to our little girl. She (Poet Winter) is now 3 weeks and Tim's coming back soon to do the sequel. Gorgeous and not at all boring blog you have here Talia x

    PS. What brand of cloth nappies are you using?

  15. These photos are so sweet - I love that one by one, Tim is capturing the lives of brilliant bloggers out there. I smiled when I read how you feel about them too. It must mean so much to have this time of your life captured and kept still.

    ...and on a slightly more superficial note, I love your stripey top - i'm trying to sort out how i can knit something like that with the stripes moving in that direction on the neckline.. it just looks super lovely.

    Bel. xx

  16. I just discovered your blog and had to leave a comment. Cute blog, cute family, cute baby!! My daughter, Cordie, was born on the same day as your Audrey so I will definitely be stopping by here regularly in the future! Thanks for creating a quality blog and sharing some of your experiences with us!!

  17. found your blog on topbabyblogs! im your newest stalker ;)
    Christa- young&restless

  18. Beautiful family! Your sweet baby girl is adorable... and I have to say that stroller is to die for!



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