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So We Can Be All Matchy Matchy and Stuff

My Mom and Grandma used to always buy me and my sister matching dresses. On special occasions, all three of us would match. Me, Mom, and my sister.

When I was 12 I thought it was soooo embarrassing. Then I got over it and me and my sister started matching again. As adults. Lots of adult sisters do that. Right? 

As a kid I didn't understand the whole matching thing. But now, oh now I do.

When I found a little pint-sized navy and blue shirt that matched my very favorite shirt in the world, I didn't hesitate to buy it. So now me and Audrey can match. I'm pumped.

Talia Christine

My shirt: Anthropologie
Audrey's shirt: Cotton On Kids


  1. Cotton On Kids make such cute clothes! I love all the pretty little-girl dresses they have ♥

  2. so adorable! I don't have a sister, but I always remember seeing other little girls dressed identically and thinking it was so neat...and wanting to sprout a sister just to do it lol!!! Super cute!

  3. haha cute! love a good striped top!

    bel. x

  4. The cutest!! I remember when I was about 11 and my mom made my litle sister and me matching dresses, so that when we went to the park for the fourth of July (where there were thousands and thousands of boys), she would be able to find us easily. I think I actually tried to convince the boys that I wasn't related to that girl, it was just a coincidence that we were dressed the same.

  5. @Lyndall: SO true! I love their little girls dresses. I can't allow myself into the store without my husband there to tell me no. I'd buy everything and find a way to justify it. Dangerous I tell you.

    @Jaime: Saaaaame! I wish you were here so I could raid your closet. Hmph.

    @Naomi: Haha! What a funny story! It made me laugh out loud. SO cute.



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