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The sad girl


This morning Phil took work off so that we could both take Audrey down to the doctors for her shots. Her 3 month shots. We are a bit behind... Anywho. Our routine is that I step out of the room (So I don't lose my cool... entirely) and Phil holds Audrey and then I come back in to smother her with motherly love while Phil cheers us on.

As I was leaving the curtained room the nurse called me a coward. I said, "Yes, I am." and scuttled out of the room. But what I wanted to do was rip the curtain back open and say, "Excuse me?? I am no coward because it pains me to see my daughter in pain! Even if it's momentary. I love my daughter."

But I didn't.

Audrey cried and I went back in and tried to nurse her which she wanted nothing to do with. We settled for cuddles instead, which I was more than happy to give out.

We did better this time. Less tears on my part and Audrey has coped better afterward. No fever yet! She is a bit grumpy, but that's understandable too.

Maybe the nurse was having a bad day? Maybe the nurse is just a bit grumpy all the time. Who knows.

So weird though! How do you respond to grumpiness? My favorite tactic is to play possum and let it blow over as quickly as possible.

Seriously though.


On a side note. Phil announced to me today that he is going to shave his beard off. But keep his moustache. His beard is giant. Stay tuned for photos!!

This is going to be epic.

Talia Christine

Also, Phil is the best ever. Just saying.


  1. Yeah, coward is a strong word for that. No mom wants to see their baby in pain. Maybe she was having a bad day, who knows.

  2. Rude people aren't my favorite. Usually, I just completely ignore them and move on. Hope your darling girl feels better soon from her shots. :)

  3. How rude. I hate it when people are like that. They really just hate themselves and take it out on you. She is so cute. STinks to get shots...

  4. Some people are just rude & miserable! I usually just ignore people like that. The first time i ever took my son to daycare (he was 6 months old) one of the daycare ladies when i was leaving asked me why I wasnt crying, most people cry when they leave their baby for the first time so it was strange i wasnt! I was trying to be happy for my sons sake, if he saw i was ok he would be too (and he was). He only went to that daycare centre for one week - too many strange comments like that! Sorry for the long comment! I hope your baby girl feels better soon :)

  5. I also hated seeing my babies cry when they got their immunisations. My husband held our first twinnie getting the shot and then we swapped. I didn't contemplate leaving the room.

  6. Hmm, how annoying that the lady was so rude and grumpy. :-( I think she must have been having QUITE the bad day to actually say something like that to you!

    I know I probably SHOULD say a little prayer that their day gets better, but in all honesty I just get cranky myself. Not very good! Sounds like you took a pretty good approach- confonting her when she's about to stab your babe with a needle's probably not the best idea! :-P

  7. How rude! I hate it when people feel grumpy at something and take it out on you! My way of dealing with grumpy people? Try my hardest not to become like them.

    Anyway, even though Audrey was sad to get shots, she still looks very cute. Theresa will have to have her one year shots next week :(

  8. That's so rude!! I am mad FOR you!! lol!

    I've worked in customer service since I was 16 so I am pretty used to grumpy people. I just try to remind myself that everyone has something going on in their life. You never know what someone else is going through. Everyone has a story.

    If all else fails.....kill them with kindness. =)


  9. What a dooosh. That is so rude! I imagine I will do exactly the same thing as you did when I have a little one. On a happier note, that is such a CUTE photo of Audrey. She has the perfect little sad face going on. xo

  10. Some people should not be in the 'caring' roles it seems! How awful for you! I would have done the same, it's hard to know what to say at the time when you are so shocked by blunt rudeness. :(

  11. um...coward???!! last i checked, YOU pushed that sweet baby out of you with no drugs. psh. she should find a new career path.

  12. Wow I love your little gals pictures! My husband and I think she looks like a girl version of our little Maxwell. Crazy! It would be lovely if I had a little girl who looked just like Audrey one day!


  13. Your daughter is beautiful but your feelings of protection and not wanting your daughter to be in pain is VERY understandable. You should listen to your instincts and do some research on vaccinations because they are not healthy. Just a FYI from a concerned parent! Take it or leave it. :)


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