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Houston, I think I have a problem.

Wool Stash.

A few years ago I used to run a small hand-dyed fiber business that featured handspun yarn and dyed unspun fiber for the wool enthusiasts. It's been a awhile since I've closed shop and put everything away. And lately I just haven't had time to sit down at the wheel and spin any yarn. It's been awhile since I've dug into my wool stash.

Putting together my craft room has really allowed me to tuck into every ounce of crafty stuff I own and make sure it's organized and easily accessible.

Holy crap, y'all. I have a LOT of craft stuff.

Especially wool.

I spread out just a portion of the wool across our bed to air out before I bagged and stored it in airtight containers. Seriously. This isn't even 1/4 of what I own. This is only some of the dyed stuff. I have about 6 fleeces and and several pounds of undyed wool left to sort out.

And yarn. Lots and lots. And lots. Of yarn.


It's kind of dreamy.

Talia Christine


  1. Very dreamy indeed! Nice problem to have!

  2. i love craft supplies! I don't even crochet or sew but i loooove yarn! it just looks so cozy..

  3. If you have some delicious grey yarn you might not need, i'd love to buy some!! mebe some scrumptious green to go with it too...

  4. i'm jealous! i love felting...


  5. i'm the same way. i never realize how much i have until i start reorganizing and get it all out.

    all so beautiful together!

  6. Oh my! It's beautiful! I really love the colours in the one bottom left.
    Toni xo


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