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Audrey Cracking Up

Excuse me while I just totally gush over my baby here but... this video is the beeeeeeeeesssssst!

She's never laughed this hard. Ever.

We had a pretty rough day yesterday and then ended with this. And you know what? The rough day didn't seem so rough anymore.

Talia Christine


  1. I think that just made my rough day a whole lot better. Thanks for sharing! She is amazing!

  2. awesome awesome! I've discovered the best way to get OJ to laugh is to give her frights too, SO fun!!!

  3. It may be the first time I'm commenting here, but this video is just beautiful! It's so sweet to see you and Audrey laughing at eachother and then (assuming) your mister laughing at you both while he holds the camera. So glad you have so much laughter in your life.

  4. Oh my gosh! this made my day! I'm totally tearing up from laughing so hard and from how sweet this is. It totally kills me the way she already has to laugh when you hide. So cute and so hilarious. She has the most contagious laugh. ......so sweet and so funny



  5. Man that's cute! Reminds me so much of James : )

  6. Nawh Im so tired that made me cry haha (good tears not bad)

  7. Love how the camera's shaking from Phil's laughter!

  8. OH MAN! that is so dang cute, Josiah was standing here watching it with me and laughing. Now he's asking me if we can watch it again. <3 Adorable!


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