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My baby brother is getting married!

Congratulations, Josh and Micca!!! I'm so excited for you both! Marriage is incredible and amazing. Wonderful and comforting. And ... yeah, just the best thing ever.

Photos by Adrien Evans

It's so sweet to see your guys' love for each other. I'm so excited for you to be my new sister, Micca!!
May God bless you guys and grow your hearts together!


Feel free to congratulate the happy couple!!!

Also. It freaks me out just a tiny bit to see my brother kissing. Normal?


  1. Congrats guys! So so exciting!
    And the kissy part? Yup. Normal. Brady is getting married in May and they are so super cute but the kissing... lol. ;D
    Congrats again! You two definitely look sweet together. :)

  2. Congradulations you two!! I wish you all the happiness and the best of the best for the years to come!

  3. That's great news, they look like such a sweet couple.Rx


  4. This just isn't possible. No way Josh is old enough to date, much less get married. I feel so ancient, sometimes...and w;hen Veronica gets married, I'll probably have a heart attack because there's no way she should even have her driver's license yet [in my sense of time, anyway].

    BUT congratulations to all of you, and especially to Josh and Micca. Very exciting times ahead!


  5. Congrats to your brother and sister in law to be.

    I wondering, if it is strange to see ones little brother kissing, how will it be with the children?

  6. Congratulations to them.. they look so cute..
    let the planning begin!

  7. Congrats! They look so happy together! So exciting for you and your family! x


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