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The Thief of Joy

So true.


  1. Oh yes!! I put this same pic on my facebook status today!

  2. Agreed! And this is especially true in blogland ... There are so many of us crafty Mum bloggers out there that are all about 'enjoying the little things', 'living simply' - all great ideas and these notions do help us remember that joy can not be found in possessions, wealth etc. But, then sometimes I find myself thinking ..."Hmm that person is enjoying the little things more/ living simpler than me." = comparison! Then I remember that God is my true source of joy. I guess you could say that when you compare yourself to God (and how infinitely holy He is) then you discover true joy (your need for salvation.)... Sorry for the ranting comment - just listened to a pretty awesome sermon with my husband! (P.S. Welcome back!)

    1. I know! This is something I need to remind myself of on a daily basis!

  3. That's what I always tell my husband when he gets grumpy ;-) Love this quote! xo Anja @ cocalores.blogspot.com


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