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Dog Shaming (kinda)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen this little incident.

dog shaming

Followed shortly by this.

owner shaming

We woke up in the morning to find that Squirrel had peed on the carpet in the lounge. It was really unusual for her but the curtains were covering the dog door so we assumed that she was being lazy and just peed on the floor. So we made a sign and shamed her. It's only right. She peed on the floor.

A few hours later I realized, much to horror, that I had locked the dog door (yesterday) and forgot to unlock it. DOH! I falsely blamed Squirrel and then went on to SHAME her for her mistake.

So I thought it was only fair I take a similar photo to set the record straight.

Sorry, Squirrel. You're still the best dog ever. Even if I'm an idiot and forget to unlock the doggy door.

Talia Christine

This is just a joke, guys. Squirrel wasn't harmed after peeing on the floor. We just thought it would be funny to put a sign around her neck after seeing this site all about naughty pups.


  1. :-( poor squirrel. Don't worry I still think you are the second best dog ever! (sorry a little bias towards my little doggy hehe)

  2. Hilarious photos. I spilled coffee a little bit. Totally worth it!



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