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Best of September: Post favorites!

I can't believe September is gone already--my birthday month flew by! Looking back, here are a few of my favorite posts from September.

A yummy (and easy!) recipe for homemade flour tortillas. You just can't beat fresh tortillas.

Our lovely family portrait.

We made our own DIY fitted sheets! It was easier than I thought.

I shared a yummy recipe for honey-lemon tea. Mmmmmm! Perfect for the cold and sore throat season.

My recipe for PERFECT refried beans. I've been working on and perfecting this recipe for years. I am finally 100% happy with it. They're amazing. If I do say so myself. ;)

A thrift shop restyle! Before and after. I shared how a few simple fixes can bring a tired piece of clothing to life.

Stay tuned for October! There is some exciting stuff planned :)

Talia Christine


  1. They were some great posts! I can't wait to try the refried beans and the tortillas!

  2. Hi! Yesterday I discovered your blog... I'll keep on visiting. Warm regards.


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