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I Am a-Roaming EP

Spending some time away from this blog has allowed me to step back and think about my blog. I think it has allowed me to gain some perspective about, you know?

For instance, I realize that somewhere along the way my personal blog became more about fun DIYs and my favorite recipes (which I really love, obviously) and less personal. I started to feel strange posting our lives on here as if I was switching gears and it didn't "fit" with the blog. For instance, something pretty huge happened in our lives awhile back and I didn't feel I could share it. It was too much of a downer for this happy place. But I wanted to share and was left with no platform in the end. That's mental! How did this happen?

I dunno. The point is, I'm going to share ME in the form of my thoughts more from time to time. Kinda scary? I guess, but I want to take my blog back to that place where I share more of whats happening from time to time. I need that.

ALL OF THAT TO SAY, I'll start sharing now! I haven't really shared about it on the blog before (because of aforementioned reasons that "it didn't fit"), only bits and pieces. If you know us personally then you'll already know that me and Phil are musicians! I say me and Phil, but mostly Phil. I just sing these days. I really really love singing and I've sung for years.

Phew. I got that off my chest. Feels good.

Earlier this year me and Phil trekked it to Tauranga to record our first EP -- I Am a-Roaming -- with our friend Luke Thompson! This little 3-track album has been in the works a VERY long time and this week we've released it! FINALLY!

van der Wel - I Am a-Roaming EP

It's exciting to finally release this EP out into the world. I have little butterflies of excitement fluttering in my tummy!

Our music is simple, rough hewn folk music. Just how I like it.

And it's FREE! So go check it out HERE. My favorite song is My Home Is With You (because it's about me! haha) or maybe my favorite is I Am Lonely. Which is kind of a downer but still really beautiful.

We hope you enjoy listening! Feel free to share.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to Luke Thompson, Mark Myers, Dave Baxter, and Big Kid Film Productions. Your services will not be soon forgotten.

Talia Christine

P.S. -- All songs were written by Phil. My husband is a brilliant beautiful man. I love him. A lot. (in case you didn't know)


  1. I love it! Y'all are so talented. Keep it up. :)

  2. You know Luke? Crazy! I went to school with his brother Mark.
    Huge Congrats for the EP release! It's a vulnerable, exciting place to be.
    Xx Amy

  3. What beautiful music! Definitely my cup of tea :)

  4. Simply beautiful. Consider me a new fan!
    Also - sharing is good. Keep it real and all!

  5. Love love love it - beautiful.

    Sar x

  6. I just listened to your songs, they are so nice. Very mellow and thought provoking. Reminded me of Iron and Wine or Bon Iver.

  7. This the first time I have read your blog. Whose life is all happyness and shiny? Seriously? And I love your ever so slightly *not sure if i'm allowed to boast but I have the most beautiful family* christmas photo. Of course you do...We all do...

    Love your music stylings. Hurt my heart just a little...

    May I visit again? I hope...



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