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Dilemmas: Update!

A week ago I posted asking for your help. It was a desperate cry for help and you ladies answered loud and clear! I love you guys. Like. I love you in a big way. Thanks for being awesome.

And I have updates.

Hair, fashion, maternity, pad thai, DIY, sewing, cooking

1. Hair - I've been re-inspired to do my hair in nice little braided and twisted up-dos. I needed something that required a minimal amount of time (because of certain toddlers tugging on my skirt) and maximum staying power. My favorite is a side twisty thing on one side that comes into a messy bun on the opposite side. It's nice. It's easy. I feel really pretty. WINNER! I've also rediscovered the sleek low bun and red lipstick because, classy! Also a winner. Stay tuned for more discoveries.

A special thanks to Elizabeth for recommending A Cup of Jo's hair tutorials! Super helpful.

2. Pad Thai - So many great recipes and tips! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I seriously dream of overcoming this obstacle in my life. I've researched and I gave this method/recipe a try last night for dinner. http://chezpim.com/cook/pad_thai_for_beginners And it was really good! It was finally a step in the right direction, rather than a step sideways trying to find a recipe that I could perfect. Next time I'll make a few minor changes to make it taste exactly how we want it.

-More garlic and green onion for bolder flavor (I was a bit stingy)
-No dried shrimp (didn't need it)
-Scramble the egg faster


Thank you anonymous commenter! Whoever you are!

3. Maternity Style - This one really hit home for me, guys! You've inspired me to find an easy style that works for me and add some basics to my maternity wardrobe. I received a LOVELY pair of maternity shorts thanks to Soon Maternity. YOU WILL LOVE THEM. They're amazing. I'll show them off soon.

Also, I've been inspired to make myself a few items. I've made myself a pair of maternity legging shorts with lace at the hem. It's too hot to wear full leggings and I'm needing a tad more coverage as my dresses are looking a bit *ahem* shorter with new bigger belly. Result: FAN-TASTIC! Pictures shortly.

ALSO, I may have made myself a version of this dress. Super stoked. Just you wait. (My variations include two chevrons instead of three, and thicker straps with wider chest coverage.)

A HUGE thank you to ALL you lovely readers. I love this community. You guys rule. Don't change.



  1. love your hair like that, you are so gorgeous! and I so want to see that dress you made! and then after you can make me one ;) love it.

  2. Love your hair like that, it's so pretty! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your dress - I have yet to branch into sewing myself clothes. It just seems easier and less complicated to sew for my small people instead... though I am known for overcomplicating even the most easiest of tasks. Have a wonderful week! :)

  3. So awesome about the Pad Thai! I love Joanna's hair tutorials - admiring them from afar, since they don't work for my short, curly hair. ;) I can't wait to see what other 'dos you try. And when in doubt, red lipstick wins. Every time.

  4. So glad you found them as helpful I do!

  5. So glad you liked the pad thai recipe. While I have never met her, I love chez pim's blog. Have learned a lot from her.

    Another source you might try is Tigers and Strawberries. While Barbara does not seem active on her blog right now, all her recipes are still available and she does an awesome job writing and teaching us about Chinese, Thai, Indian and other ethnic foods.


I love and appreciate your comments and I try to respond to as many as I can so don't forget to check back! xoxo