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Long Hair
Sans makeup and wearing pajamas. And check that messy living room. You're welcome.


1. Long Hair - My hair is getting long. Really really long. Like... to my belly button long. And it is GLORIOUS! I love having long hair and in some ways it's a lot less maintenance. I never blow dry my hair and seldom straighten it. I often just leave it to its wavy messy ways and I'm okay with that. The problem is, I can't have it down all the time. It SERIOUSLY gets in the way and babies love to grab it and never ever let go. I'm tiring of my too-worn top knot and I'm in need of some new solutions to tie back my mane of locks. Should I just cut my hair? I'm afraid of looking too... eh. How do you combat long locks and the same old?

2. Pad Thai - Here's the thing. It's not OFTEN that I find something that I simply can't do. I don't mean this in a braggy way, because my successes often comes with hard work. Generally when I really apply myself to a new area and do my research and put my time in... I'll succeed. Except with crochet. I hate crocheting. And my arch-nemesis. Making my own pad thai. I love pad thai. It's probably my favorite dish to eat. Like... EVER. But every time when I try to make it myself it's always... so-so. Lack-luster. Or that one time when it was just plain awful. (I cried hot tears out of defeat. And Phil went and bought pad thai takeaways. I love him.) Do you guys have the same problem? Have you successfully made a killer pad thai? HELP ME. This madness must stop. I cannot let preparing food be the end of me. And it will... oh it will.

3. Maternity Style - I am so lost right now. I've done this before but this time I feel like I'm floundering in the style department. What are your top tips?



  1. 1 - if you cut your hair you will probably regret it.. maybe a trim??? your hair IS beautiful..

    2 - cant help you :)

    3- comfort, I wore alot of maxi skirts, tights and longline tops in my last pregnancy - jeans were a no go from 20weeks, to uncomfortable!

    Are you venturing out to parachute this year??

  2. 1. You're right. I guess I was thinking more of a trim kinda, nothing too drastic. The shorter my hair gets the crazier it gets, so longer is better.

    2. WHY, PAD THAI, WHY!

    Parachute: I'm not sure if it will work out! Phil is definitely going as he's playing with Luke Thompson and a few songs with Lydia Cole (jealous) so he's getting in for free as part of a band(s). We can't really afford a ticket for me soo.... probably not. Sad face.

  3. 1 - it's lovely. don't cut it... maybe try some braiding? takes a little time but sure to stay out of the way for most, or even all of the day.

    2 - never made it. i share your hate for crochet.

    3 - i lived in some knit skirts that were kind of high/low style and v-neck boyfriend tees. i treated myself to a pair of soft stretchy jeans a size larger than my regular size (they worked well right after pregnancy too). i used a ruber-band to fasten them at the end of my pregnancy. i felt better wearing stuff i usually would, and tights just were never my thing. i like to feel "put together". a stretchy tank, my comfy jeans,husbands button-up, and a fitted cardigan usually did the trick.

    1. I do love me some braiding. Lately I've just been doing the simple braid down the back but I'm thinking I should try getting a little fancier lately.

  4. 1. Your hair is gorgeous! If you cut it a little (a few inches?) it may help with babies grabbing it, etc. Not that I have any experience with long hair, but I am a medium-short curly haired gal that lives vicariously through others' long locks. ;)

    2. I haven't tried making my own pad thai - yet. Have you tried this recipe? http://savorysweetlife.com/2009/06/a-favorite-thai-stir-fry-noodle-dish-at-home-pad-thai-recipe/

    3. Ugh...I have the same dilemma! I will keep my eyes peeled on this comment section...

    1. Ooh! I haven't tried that recipe yet! It looks pretty good, I might give it a go. :)

  5. boo! I'm hoping they bring out day tickets soon.. cos its to much with all 3kids (including Mr12weeks) so I will go down with a friend.. Oo I love Lydia I saw her last year.
    I will check out Luke Thompson.. and look for the a guy with the beard (he still has a rocking beard??) and call him Talias hubby if I see him. HA

    1. Yes! DO say hi if you see him! His beard is more epic than ever these days. Can't miss him.

  6. Hair: joannagoddard.blogspot.com A Cup Of Jo. She has great easy hair tutes that have gotten me over my hair rut (I also have belly button long hair). Lots of braids.

    Pad Thai: I'm not your guy.

    Maternity Style: I'm a big fan of the cute top tied/cropped/etc over a maxi skirt or dress. Comfy and super cute. Also if you don't already, check out milkfriendly.com. She has great style.

    1. Oh! Check seriouseats.com and see if they have a Food Lab on Pad Thai. They always break things down super well on Food Labs and I'm almost positive I saw a Pad Thai lab.

    2. 1. I'll check them out! I'm feeling inspired already!

      2. Darn.

      3. I like your style! And I've not heard of milkfriendly.com. IT'S SO CUTE! Adding it to my list of blogs.

  7. 1. Your hair is beautiful...I'm a fan of braids and messy buns. Pinterest is full of gorgeous 'dos for long hair. Twice now I have hacked my hair off in a fit of pregnancy hormones, and I've regretted it each time.

    2. Once. In Thailand. At a cooking class, with proper ingredients and supervision. At home, I can't quite replicate it. I'll look out the recipe for you.

    3. I lived in leggings, long tees and comfy jeans during my last pregnancy. Baby arrived late June, so I added a loose merino cardigan (bought in the summer sales) and borrowed some long-sleeved tops from a slightly bigger friend. Layering was my friend.

  8. The hair? Keep it long. You look like a mermaid, which is only a good thing.
    The Pad Thai? I burn toast, so can't help there...also hate crocheting. Just can't get to grips with it.
    Maternity Style? I saw a lady the other day and she had a 60s a-line shift dress on with her bump, quite short with thick tights and flats and it looked so good. Next baby, I hope I'm a little more adventurous with my maternity style! Xx

  9. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Do not cut it, not many people would have hair so long and still so healthy! Wow, I am jealous. My seven year old has hair to her bottom and I can kind if feel your pain in the styling department. We do lots of braiding! But I'm sure you don't want styling tips from my 7 year old hehe.

    pad Thai - would it be really bad to say I've never had it - eek!! Putting it on my bucket list!

    maternity style...I can't remember .... My 'baby' is 7! All I know is there's so much nice stuff around now compared to when I was first preggers with my 11 year old.

  10. I make Sophie Grey's pad thai which is very easy - it's probably not exactly perfect but I tend to be rather generous with doing the flavour thing (are you using fish sauce??) the noodles do my head in- getting them soft enough without turning to mush is where my wheels fall off but we all like eating it. I also sometimes add the egg too which isn't in her recipe....
    your hair is gorgeous but I get what you mean when mine is long all I do is ponytail or down I did start a pinterest board of interesting hair dos to try - then I cut my hair.
    I didn't have ANY maternity style so I am of no help...

  11. I'm struggling with the hair do too! Mines the longest its ever been (not to my belly button though!!!) and its always in a top knot!!

    Lately I've been plaiting it to the side (regular or fishtail if i'm feeling adventurous) and thats about as far as my ideas stretch!

  12. 1/. Do Not Cut. You will regret big time (said with experience...)
    2/. Sometimes takeout is just better? I'm the same with tikka masala.
    3/. Maxi dresses all the way. Benji was due around the same time you are I think? Lots of layers when the weather gets cooler... Tights are a good friend.

    xo Kristin

  13. Talia I have some maternity clothes I'm wanting to pass on - and was planning a parcel up north way, have some T-shirts, a jean skirt (size 8) and a couple of long sleeve tops if you're just looking for something different. Skirts I made myself a couple of A-line ones wit ha big stretchy knit waist, after baby, could just redo the waist

    Love your hair, jealous as mine is doing the post preg falling out thing. Pad Thai ... just keep at it :-)

  14. Hey Talia! Your hair is gorgeous I wish mine looked that good - in desperate need of a cut myself, but if mine looked as good as yours that long I wouldn't touch it! I agree with the braiding comments too if you felt like trying something different. Also - how can you look that good without makeup??? I am in awe!

    Regarding maternity style - I'm due around the same time as you I think (I'm due 3 May) and was feeling a bit stumped as my 2 previous babies have been winter pregnancies. Maxi dress I say (as others have already) I picked up 2 lovely dresses from Just Jeans in half price sales (one on my blog today for WW) and have got a couple of pairs of cute elastic waist/ drawstring shorts from Shanton. Also want to sew myself a few things ... when I find the energy! Good luck with the pad thai and please post when you find a winning recipe! x

  15. Your hair is divine. Im thinking milkmaid braids and hippy maxi dresses. I can only comiserate re the pad thai, i love thai but homemade never tastes anything like it no matter the recipe. There must be a secret ingredient the thais are holding back from us!

  16. You have beautiful hair regardless if it stays long or shorter. You could cut it and have your stylist donate what is cut to the organization that makes wigs for kids who are undergoing chemotherapy. It is a great cause and if you don't care for it shorter know that hair will always grow again.

    As to pad thai - go to Chez Pim's old blog http://chezpim.com/cook/pad_thai_for_beginners . She has an excellent, well written, detailed recipe on how to make pad thai. Pim is originally from Thailand but now lives in Southern California. A word of warning - if you are not used to fish sauce know that straight out of the bottle it smells horrible. However, once in the dish transformation happens and it becomes an elixir of wonder. I have been known to add fish sauce (a teaspoon or so) to stews and chili. It adds depth and complexity.

  17. I'm not sure a trim will help with the baby thing... Lior likes playing even with just my fringe! My hair is down to the small of my back (no one really knows because I never wear it out - also a baby hands problem!), and I am tempted to get it cut short like this!! http://0.tqn.com/d/beauty/1/0/S/D/1/ginnifer-goodwin-pixie-haircut.jpg

    With the pad thai, I have a really good recipe you could try. What's your email address and I can forward it to you?

    Maternity style - I really like Dani's style - www.helloowl.com.au :-)

  18. i think you should keep your hair long - it is GORGEOUS! I always regret cutting my hair. I'm trying to grow mine out to be your length. You are beautiful!

  19. Hello

    I think your hair is amazing and in such beautiful condition. I always go through the stage of being bored and cutting my hair. Even though I always like the style I miss the versatility of long hair. You can have such fun finding hair tutorials on you tube putting it up in new ways.

    Pad Thai - I have a nemesis and it is Yorkshire pudding, it is such a simple thing but I have such a hit and miss with them and they are never perfect. I work as a tv chef so this is all the more embarrassing. Everyone has one of these don't let it stress you.

    I think you have great style and it always looks effortless. Check out the two maternity style series that James shared on her blog http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/
    She is one hot mama - I hope you find some inspiration there.

    Take Care hun


  20. Hi Talia, First of: you are gorgeous! you could check out these blogs for hair inspiration: Cup of jo (she has 15 tutorials) and She lets her hair down.
    I love the style of Naomi, from the blog Love Taza, she has 2 little ones.
    Hope this helps!
    Do you have a Pinterest account? Maybe the pad thai situation is on there.

  21. No, no, don't cut your hair! Your hair is gorgeous and I know long hair can be maddening at times with a baby and top knots can get boring. Braids are always a good alternative -- lately I've been doing this style on my hair but leaving the back as a ponytail http://www.freckled-fox.com/2012/05/hair-tutorial-braided-bangs.html

  22. Oh, p.s. A Beautiful Mess has a really cute diy maternity wardrobe series...


  23. I took a cooking class in Thailand and have a recipe from there. Want it?
    I think the two things that they said we always miss are the tamarind and i am pretty sure they added sweet pickled turnip. I bought both in Thailand and brought them home. The tamarind flavour is what so many people try and sub ketchup (barf) for.

    1. Oh yes, please! Would you believe that I'm actually online right now JUST to research pad thai recipes again? haha

      Send it my way!! Also. Ketchup. Barf.

    2. Fried Noodles with Prawns (Phad Thai Koong[prawn] Sod[fresh/raw])

      1 c soaked and softened rice noodles – soak 1 hr at room temp
      ½ c fresh prawns (or chicken)
      1/3 c Chinese chives or spring onions (scallions)
      1 c bean sprouts (or white cabbage thinly sliced)
      ½ fresh large red chili seeded and fine sliced (or red pepper)
      2 shallots finely sliced
      1 tbsp sweet pickled turnip (optional) thinly sliced
      ¼ c hard or firm tofu (this we fry in oil and then cube 1x1cm)
      1 tbsp dried tiny shrimp
      2 eggs
      2 tbsp roasted unsalted peanuts or cashews crushed finely
      ½ tsp dark soy sauce for marinating the noodles
      ½ tsp ground black or white pepper
      1 tbsp soy bean or vegetable oil
      ½ c chicken or veg stock
      1 tsp soy sauce
      1 tsp fish sauce
      2 tsp oyster sauce
      2 tbsp tamarind juice (sweet type the fruit has the skins, sour type there is no skin. If you find the paste, you can make juice by mixing 1 tbsp of paste with 3 tbsp of hot water. If you find just the fruit, add it to water to soak and then squeeze out over a sieve to collect juice. You can store extra juice, but it needs to be boiled before storing)
      2 tsp white cane sugar
      1 tsp deep fried garlic

      Preparation: (things move quick so have all ingredients ready!)
      1. Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry the tofu about 1 min on each side. Remove and let drain and cut into 1x1 cm cubes
      2. Put the rice noodles in a bowl and mix well with ½ tsp of dark soy sauce and ¼ tsp of pepper. Set aside.
      3. In a large pan/wok heat the oil and scramble the eggs. Add the prawns and stir for 20 seconds. Push to the side of your pan (or wok)
      4. Add the pickled turnip, tofu, shallots, dried shrimps and ¼ c stock. Cook about 1 minute mixing well
      5. Add noodles and ¼ cup of stock stirring until they are soft (about 30 seconds)
      6. Add 2 tbsp tamarind juice, 1 tsp fish sauce, 1 tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp oyster sauce, 2 tsp white sugar, 1 tsp deep fried garlic and 1/4 tsp pepper. Stir briefly and mix well
      7. Add the spring onions, sprouts, and fresh red chili. Stir fry 10-20 seconds more. Transfer to plate.
      8. Serve hot with side dish of peanuts, spring onion, lime wedges, sprouts, cucumber and pad thai seasoning (hot chili flakes, sugar and fish sauce)

  24. cant help you in the hair department. i am in the same boat, and last time i chopped my hair i literally cried on the way home i hated it so much.

    can't help you on the pad thai, because i can't figure out how to make it either.

    BUT maternity style .... i will say, i had to cutest outfits the first time around, but the second time the same clothes just ... didn't ... fit the same. my body had changed, it wasn't as tight - or something. so i found myself in very un-flattering clothes of sweatpants during my second. which was depressing. until i discovered dresses as shirts.

    just buying a shirt a few sizes too large, didn't hug my body and make me look larger than i already was. then i hit up the clearance dress section and found some cute stretchy dresses, and sweater dresses that fit like shirts!!! (so you can wear with jeans, a shirt, or leggins and boots. and because they are a dress, they are made different and hug the body better than shirts. im hooked. now 33 weeks into my second pregnancy and thats all i wear!!!!!


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