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Stills, bits + pieces, A yummy fruity summer breakfast, yogurt, healthy, fruit, oats
Stills, bits + pieces, pillow, cross stich, vintage
Stills, bits + pieces, dancing
Stills, bits + pieces, colored pencils, drawing, art
Stills, bits + pieces
Stills, bits + pieces, nap, bed, quilt

1. A yummy fruity summer breakfast.
2. My favorite pillow.
3. Little feet dancing on my blogging schedule.
4. Audrey's colored pencils.
5. Tiny tummy.
6. Needing a nap, please and thank you.

Linking up with Em for the weekly stills collection.


  1. Cute pillow..did you cross stitch it yourself?
    I'm feeling the need for a nap myself this afternoon *blush.

  2. That pillow was made by Phil's mother (me) who bought 2 packs in Holland and made them in 1982. Easy as. Just follow the different colours!

  3. This post is featured today on my "this week I loved" post! xoxo

  4. beautiful, Love those little feet & the light is so beautiful in that last shot.

  5. beautiful captures of your life. I love the least one especially, maybe I need a nap too? :)sarah

  6. there must be SO many lists to jump on at your place talia ;)

    xo em


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