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Date Night In

Date Night
Yesterday, Phil and I decided to have an impromptu date night at home! I fed Audrey an early dinner and waited to cook our fancy date-night dinner until after she went to bed. I was dubious that our dinner-for-two would go all right (I dunno why?!), but it was AMAZING! It was so romantic and nice to have a stress free dinner together... at HOME!

We splashed out and got two salmon steaks, grilled them with a brown sugar and mustard glaze, and served them on a bed of brown rice with veggies on the side. We ate by candlelight. It was SO lovely.

I highly recommend taking some time to step back from your busy schedule and be INTENTIONAL about spending some quality time together. It's these little things that count. We're having another date night in tonight! Phil is renting a movie and off buying some chips and drink so we can cuddle and snack on the couch.

You guys, I love Phil so much. I'm quite blessed.


  1. How lovely. I think I will have to do this when my husband gets home from working interstate. Glad is was amazing for you. x

  2. I never signed up for cuddling.

  3. cute! but is that a block of butter on each of your plates?!

    1. Haha!! No it's cream cheese. But it DOES look like butter!

  4. So nice! I still dream about that delicious salmon that Renee made on our girls weekend last year...

  5. so lovely! yes we have to remind ourselves to do this more!! Thanks for lovely idea (at home) X

  6. Y'all are cute. Great reminder, it's easy to let life pass us by without being intentional. :)

  7. Such a perfect idea. Nothing like some intentional quality time :) x

  8. Yum! I absolutely love salmon. What a fun little date night! I should do something like this for Valentines day! Thank you for the inspiration :) Visiting from Olive & Ivy!

  9. I am following from O&I. I love this date night picture, so quaint!

  10. This sounds amazing. I'm following from O&I. I might have to try that glaze soon.


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