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12/52, 13/52, 14/52

I am woefully behind on the 52 project. Awhile back I was struggling with some severe hip problems (pregnancy related) and I was in a wheelchair for a bit. I've kind of avoided this topic on the blog because it sounds more dramatic than it is I think. I mean, true, I couldn't really walk but it's such a temporary thing and I didn't want to raise any alarm or sound like I was complaining. Because of all that I just kind of lost my drive and um... my mobility. The good news is that I'm walking normally now! Praise God! The bad news is... I've been avoiding this project because I didn't feel like I could catch up. But I DO have some photos of Audrey each week with the help of some friends and fam.

Photo by Josh Bradshaw

Audrey: You love trying to walk Squirrel on the leash. Squirrel doesn't listen to a word you say so Papa stays close to ensure that Squirrel complies with your wishes.

Photo by Josh Bradshaw

Audrey: We took you to the zoo for the second time. You LOVED it. We brought your plastic animal toys along with us and you would hug them close and squeal in delight each time we saw an animal you recognized. Your love of animals is constant and all-consuming. Also, your papa is amazing. Did you know he pushed me in a wheelchair the whole visit to the zoo? There are a lot of hills. He loves me a lot. I love him too.

Photo by Peter van der Wel

Audrey: Lazy morning attire: messy hair. comfy jammies. and a pretty red necklace you fished out of your necklace jar.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Joining in with Jodi.


  1. those eyelashes!!


  2. Loving her "zoo delight". Too cute :) Lisa x

  3. The last photo is WAY too precious! :)

  4. glad to hear you are feeling better. i have dysplasia and worried about how my hips would hold up when i got pregnant the first time - crazily enough i was able to even run up until i was eight months. hope everything goes well from here on out.

    your photos of your adorable daughter are so sweet - i love the zoo photo! i have been doing this project as well. i love seeing the photos that others post each week, such a fun project.

  5. yeah she is so darn cute! :o)

  6. Lovely pictures, and I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. Not long to go now!! xx

  7. Great to hear Talia that you are walking comfortably again! Such beautiful pics as always :)

  8. So pleased to hear those hips are behaving. And I love the Hamilton zoo - especially the rhinos as we don't have any at our zoo. What a lovely hubby to help you get around too!

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to keep up with the 52 thing... and I don't have a dramatic excuse ;) Glad you are well now though, and love your positive God-glorifying attitude in the midst of what I'm sure was a hard time for you xxx

  10. So sorry to hear you have been somewhat incapacitated! I love Audrey's expression at the zoo- such excitement!

  11. Awww what a cutie she is!
    Great to hear that your hips are doing better... have you been swimming?


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