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Updates + One Final Show


I've given the Sunday Collector blog a little facelift! Go on over, check it out, and give Briar some love. x

Before // After


My baby will be two in 5 weeks! This is insane. I'm torn between hating Audrey growing up and LOVING this age. It's so. much. FUN!

BABY #2 //

34 weeks. Due in 6 weeks. Let's do this.

Go time is approaching quickly, and you know what? I'm really looking forward to it this time. I'm looking forward to a positive experience this time around. Being more focused and present during labor. Not being scared out of my mind. I wouldn't say that the birthing Audrey went terribly, it didn't. It was all pretty straight-forward, however I was totally and completely overcome with fear. This time, I'm approaching it head on and I feel much more ready for what comes. Whatever comes. I feel at peace. I feel excited?

Also... Random note: My belly button is completely gone. Like... it's just flat. Gone. So weird. haha


The garden is long gone. The dead tomato plants have been ripped out. The climbing beans have been removed (except for a few stubborn bits that made it onto the roof and gutter). The cucumbers are a memory of summer past. We let everything go to seed so we could collect seeds for our garden next year. There's something very satisfying about growing your own food and sowing seeds that you collected from last year's harvest.

That said... Gathering lettuce seeds is kind of tricky. Have you seen them? They're kind of like dandelion seeds so they blow everywhere. We gathered lots but lots were scattered. We now have HUNDREDS of tiny little lettuce plants that have carpeted our forlorn garden. It's kind of really awesome.

For some reason, we left the jalapeno plant and the banana pepper plants where they were. I'm not sure how they missed being torn out with everything else, but they did. AND they've flowered again and produced a bumper crop! The jalapenos will be ready to harvest in a few days! HOW COOL IS THAT?!


beard, trim, moustache, mustachebeard, trim, moustache, mustache
Before // After

The beard underwent a trim (for work). I was incredibly nervous about the change... but I love it. A very gentlemanly beard if there ever was one!

My man is pretty daaaang handsome! Ow ow!


Unfortunately, I've not been able to work on the blankets as much as I wanted to. The good news is I've been very busy with blog designs! Such a blessing.
I should still have time to finish everything before Baby gets here but it'll be down to the wire! Kind of exciting :)


This amazing photo was taken by Rebecca Moss. Thanks, Becki!!

For those of you who missed the Te Awamutu show... good news!

one final show

"The response you gave us on the Luke & Lydia NZ Tour blew our minds! We are rapt. And completely grateful.

The guys at Walton Street (Te Awamutu) were such a dream to work with and theirs was the first show to sell out. So to celebrate a great tour, they are hosting one final show." -Lydia Cole

Barring that I haven't had a baby too early I'll be there! And singing with Mr. van der Wel.
Come and say hello. If for nothing else, come check out Walton Street Cafe. Because they're amazing.
Also, Luke and Lydia. NEED I SAY MORE?!

See Facebook for more details.


  1. Love the photo of you and your man...captured so well! and great that you're getting so much blog design work :)) Also got lettuce self seeded in the garden...brilliant!

  2. Talia another beautiful job you are so clever xxx

  3. Sounds like everything is well under control!
    Concerning baby #2: i'd totally recommend Grantly Dick-Read's 'Childbirth without fear': The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth - it got me through labor, and its one of the only books i still think about. Just a warning though, it was written in 1959 (!) and takes a bit of reading to get into.
    Garden: loving the lettuce! we've got the same 'problem' with rocket - but it makes for tasty salads, stirfries and pesto ;) also with the peppers, you can actually leave them in for a couple of seasons - the following season though they might be hotter or milder. Just prune them back a bit each year. Same with if you have aubergines.
    PS. it was great to see phil, but missed you!!

  4. Talia,

    I know how you feel with your babies getting older! My oldest is four next week and has conversations with me using her hands to speak and her little own quirky personality. So weird, and so bittersweet but beautiful to watch.

    Also Baby #2 will be cake! With my first it took me 3 1/2 hours of pushing! The second, 15 minutes :O It really was so much easier the second time around, couldn't believe it. It's also amazing the feeling of having your heart fill with love for two babes... ugh. Some days I feel like my heart may burst. Enjoy it!

    1. Oh stop it! I'm going to cry!! ...too late..

      Preggo hormones win again.

  5. Your hubby is so cute!


  6. AWESOME photos!
    and Audrey is always ALWAYS way too adorableeeee!! :)

  7. I can't wait to have space to grow our own veg!!


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