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Audrey's first trip to the movies

Audrey's first trip to the movies
Yup. World's best mum. Letting Audrey drink on a bucket of soda. Also, toddlers can put away a shocking amount of popcorn. Just sayin.

Yesterday I took Audrey to the movies for the first time. Well, actually, I took both girls but Margaret was just chillin so it doesn't really count as her first movie. Plus, Margaret has already been the movies on a date with me and Phil. ANNNYYWAY, it was amazing. It was such a big hit with Audrey. I had a free ticket and both girls were free so off we went to brave the school holiday storm!

Before we went, I prepped Audrey for what it would be like. I described the big screen and how it would be dark. She was pretty keen on the idea. We settled on Planes as the movie to watch and talked a lot about it up until we actually went. We stood in a long line to get the tickets. Well, I stood and bounced Margaret, Audrey danced the whole time. We loaded (my arms) up with popcorn, soda, and lollies because obviously and headed to our seats. Once we got there I realized that there was a terrible mixup in the process and I only ended up with 1 seat assignment. I took a deep breath and carted all our goodies, the backpack, and both babies BACK downstairs to sort it out. Audrey was less than impressed because she realized how cool the theater actually was and burst into the tears at the outrage of having to leave her seat after she was all set to watch the movie. She was relieved once we made our way back to our seats once it was all sorted out.

I was pretty nervous about how it would go with both the girls but it was AWESOME! Audrey kept going on about the 'Whoa! Big big screen, Mama!' and how cool the airplanes were and kept jumping up to hug my neck and say, "Thank you, Mama!" Melt. Margaret was a champ and just fed and relaxed in my arms. She didn't make a peep. WHOOP!

I was pretty impressed with how both the girls handled the movies. Audrey listened really well and stayed in her seat even when she got antsy. It was a blast!

And because Margaret is so cute:

Margaret - 14 weeks

I mean, look at those cheeks.


  1. We went to see the same one the other week.
    My little one was so excited. She kept excited screaming throughout the movie. Pretty adorbs.
    Glad it was a hit for you.

  2. How fun! I'll have to take my four year old to see it.

  3. so sweet, what a great memory!

  4. Oh so cute! exciting to have a outing to the movies! yay for it going well!

  5. stunning, amazing children, well done mumma!


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