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3/52 Audrey - 2014 photo 52A_3.jpg
3/52 Margaret - 2014 photo 52M_3.jpg
"A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Audrey: Your thirst for learning is always there. Whether it's to watch me and see how I do something or learning a tune on the piano, you never stop learning. This week you asked me to teach you how to write letters. I wasn't expecting it and I was surprised you understood the concept! You've learned about the concept of print upper and lowercase and cursive upper and lowercase. You can print an A, a, H, T, and t. I'm amazed.

Margaret: Sweet little Margaret. You love just to be near me and I love to be near you. On this particular morning you were content to lie next to me patiently while I read the Bible on our living room floor.


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  1. Wonderful memories! Sounds like you have two lovely daughters, and I love their names as well :)


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