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Want to be a sponsor?


You may or may not already know, but we are headed to the States in June! We're going to visit my family so that they can meet Audrey. We're staying for a whole month! We're also visting some friends in Canada.

We are beyond excited.

I've decided to start offering a sponsorship program on the blog to help raise some monies for our travel. It's a great way to help gain new traffic and visitors to your blog or online business! It's cheap too. Check it out! There's more info on my sponsorship page.

And it's super easy! Once you purchase the ad-space and upload your ad photo, I'll approve the ad and it goes up immediately! No need to wait for the beginning of the month. The ad will run for 30 days. Then it's up for grabs again. So cool!

Go on. You know you want to.


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