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DIY Hand painted Skirt

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirt2.jpg

I made this skirt ages ago (more on that later). It just never really clicked with me. I mean, it was always just OKAY in my mind. A good staple, but a bit boring. Do you what I mean? I'd been playing around with the idea of hand printing fabrics for ages but I didn't have a specific project in mind. Then it hit me. What my skirt needed was some personality. It needed some zing. What it NEEDED was some hand printing. I played around with the idea of handprinted triangles or parallelograms, but after a failed experiment I decided to go with imperfect swipes with a paintbrush.

Zing badabing. It was just what this skirt needed.

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirtdetail.jpg

I used a bronze textile paint and an acrylic paintbrush, laid the skirt out (with newspaper inside the skirt so that the paint didn't bleed through), and had it! It was a simple project that I knocked out in an afternoon. After the paint dried I set it with a hot iron so that the paint wouldn't wash out.

Now I have a skirt that I finally love.

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirt3.jpg


  1. Looks awesome! Love that the paint has some shiny to it! Blog looks fab too!

  2. Love it! Too adorable. The colors are just right.

  3. Lovely work, it's nice to see your beautiful face back on the blog. Sending you a hug xxx

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