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In Stitches: Scout Tee

Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes.jpg
Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes2.jpg

I love a good tee. Who doesn't? But I'll admit I'm a little picky when it comes to finding the *perfect* tee. It has to be comfy AND stylish, never tight fitting because... just no. Cause then I'm not comfy. I'm too worried about my muffin top spilling over my jeans. AMIRIGHT? *ahem*

Enter the Scout Tee by by Grainline Studios. This loose fitting tee fits the bill perfectly. It requires very little fabric (think stash busting!) and is very easy from start to finish. It's stylish in that it manages to look a bit fancy but is sooo so comfy. So much win!

Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes_close.jpg

This pattern is actually designed for woven fabric and I have big plans to make some fancier blouses but it also makes a killer knit tee. This pattern is masterfully drafted and has very clear instructions that are easy to follow. PLUS, it's very easy to modify! I lengthened the Scout Tee to a more flattering length for me and made the neckline binding thinner to give it a more polished look.

Floral Scout Tee photo Scout_floral.jpg

I have plans to try and alter the pattern into a sheer peplum and a longer baby-doll tee dress.

Now BRB while I make ALLLL the tee shirts! x


  1. Love that you are blogging again! These tees are well cute :)

  2. Hi Talia. This is exactly the type of tee I like as well. I don't like the tight tee's that you are always tugging at. I sew... so do you sell patterns / or donate to friendly causes? Sjannette

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