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A Disclaimer

I am not good at blogging. There is something deep in me that rebels at the thought of blogging. Sure, I can do it, but _gracious_ it takes a good deal of will power. My laziness typically wins out in the end.

This is not my first attempt.

The pictures, the commitment, the updates-- oh the updates. I quake just thinking of the obligation. So rather than begin with great grandeur of how I will start things out right, with fresh promises to update regularly with great detail and a dash of pomp and circumstance... lets begin with some honesty:

I'm not good at this and I will most likely not update regularly! There. I said it and wow do I feel better!!

I will, however, post pictures and some notes on my projects I finish, and really thats all I'm looking for! Oh the horror.

Oh, and heres the kicker-- I love blogs! Oh I absolutely love reading them. I have many a blog that I fancy and check from time to time. There is something so fascinating about being able to share and peek in on the lives of others.

And now my own feeble attempt!

much love.

1 comment:

  1. I was just reading this and would like to say congratulations, on having a blog thats pretty regularly updated. I'm glad you stuck with it ") I enjoy reading you blog, i feel like is still get to hang out with you, and "keep the friendship alive" kinda thing. Love ya! I can't wait until I can see your face again and hug your baby girl(and many others I hope)


I love and appreciate your comments and I try to respond to as many as I can so don't forget to check back! xoxo