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It's the little things...

Tea is a beautiful thing.

I love tea and everything about it-- not just the drink itself, but the whole process. I love warming the water and steeping the tea. I like to watch the steam rise and the water magically turn into tea before my eyes, and when the tea calls for it.. adding just the right of milk and sugar (or honey). It's a very indulgent ritual for me, and I love every bit of it, to sipping and slurping it down slowly. This morning I've got an aromatic earl gray with milk and a taste of sugar. I've had my fair share of earl gray, but this one is tops. My sister brought it back from England with her. The name of it escapes me at the moment...


It's been a long time since I've knit anything. I've been either glued to my spinning wheel, wrapped around my guitar, or stuck in a book. How does one properly divide their time between their hobbies?! I'm sorry, knitting! I really do love you! Which is precisely why I just started a new project. This time I actually bought yarn for the project! I'm making Jared's beautiful Hemlock Ring Blanket. I think I have a knitting crush on him--seriously the knit is stunning! So far it's an easy knit, and I've been truly enjoying it. Knitting, I'm sorry I've neglected you. Please forgive me. I'm still working on the inner flower motif but I'm nearing the end of this section. On to the chart and bigger and better things!!

I'll post pictures of my progress soon if I can con my brother into letting me use his camera... and if I can clear the hurdle of my laziness. Blast.


  1. I love that you have a blog now!!!! Anytime I want to have Talia time....I can. Yeah for me!!!!

  2. Well you were on a roll...two post...and then you puttered out.
    Maybe some tea will inspire you.
    I however don't like hot drinks.


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