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Fabulous Amounts of Yarn

So when I say lots... I _seriously_ mean lots, and I have lots of pictures of yarn.

I meant to take pictures as I made them, but it didn't happen. So last night I had to hunker down and have a yarn picture event. It took me hours to photograph them all, weigh them, measure the yardage, and note what was in them. Holy crap, it took me a sick-nasty amount of time. Afterward I awarded myself with two delicious tacos from my favorite taco place and my favorite show at the moment, Entourage.

Ladies and Gents, I present to you... delicious handspun goodness!

Carbonated Sunshine!

Some delicious yarn that reminds me of Sunkist (which I fondly call Carbonated Sunshine, because that's precisely what it is!)

Hand Dyed Mill Ends from the Sheep Shed Studio
72 yards
1.8 oz

Alpaca Kisses

Some delicious alpaca that I spun up! This was a wonderful first experience with spinning with alpaca. It was a dream to spin, it practically spun itself. This yarn has a nice luster and weight to it, but silky and soft at the same time. It's a gorgeous natural gray. I call it Alpaca Kisses, cause you can snuggle with it and get all the alpaca lovin' without the slobber!

43 yards
2.0 oz
2 ply


I forget the yardage and I dont have it next to me...
This is Icelandic wool, so nice to spin with!!!! I loved it. I got this from the Spunky Fiber Club.


To be honest, I dont have a whole lot to say about this fiber. Are you ever spinning from a batt or roving... and you're definitely well into the project, about half-way or so and just decide you absolutely hate the project? Thats what I felt working on this. I would whine to even work on the project. Why? I have no idea. But I sincerely did not enjoy this. The yarn is really pretty though!!!

Not sure on the yardage.. will update later...

Summer Camp and Rainy Days

This yarn makes me smile!! It's soooo soft. It's fabulous fluffy merino spun thick and thin, now this was a blast to spin!! The colours remind me of summer camp and rainy days, but in a fond memory sort of way. I love it.

Will update for yardage... :)


This is named after the song by Joanna Newsom about a woman who came from the sea. The yarn holds the femininity of a woman and the mystery and allure of the tumultuous sea. Lots of different wools and sparkle! This is the made from the same batts as Jezebel, but somehow this was funner to spin. I'm finicky that way.

2 Skeins
87 yds/ 1.0 oz
94 yds/ 1.3 oz

Ugly Batt Yarn!! (Sweet and Homely)

This little dandy yarn was alot of fun to spin, made straight from an ugly batt from Prairie Fibers! I LOVE IT!

I call it homestead. It has such wonderful texture and a nice tweedy look. I'm not gonna lie, I think it would make some friggin sweet mittens. I plan to spin up a ton more, this was just a test to give the ugly batt a go!

1.5 oz
not sure of the yardage...


A gorgeous chunky 3-ply I've made with roving hand dyed by astormorray from craftster! I love this yarn! Sorry for the extra-crappy photos. I was bear-wrestling my cat away from the yarn. He is definitely not allowed to play in the yarn. He knows better, what a jerk.

Evergreen Frost

I love the colours and sparkle in this one. It's sooo soft.

Spiced Wine

A gorgeous lofty single, spun from merino wool. Two matching skeins, 130 yards each. I'm in love.

Mill Ends Reborn

This was spun undyed from mill ends from the Sheep Shed Studio. It spins up really nice. These were spun into 3 small chunky skeins and joined together to make one big skein.

3.0 oz
55 yards

And fin!



  1. Wow!
    You can sure spin a good yarn...yuk yuk yuk...
    You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful quirkiness.
    Thank God for people like you! Seriously a world full of me...well that would just suck.
    Keep up the blogging!

    Oh and the Sunkist one...it's my favorite!

  2. WOW! My favorite is the Carbonated Sunshine!! I like the Seascape and the Jezebel, too. Actually- they are all seriously amazing! Love it!!! :D

  3. wow! a blog with actual pictures?!?! that's amazing, i never manage to get pics up anymore! lol, i'm glad i followed your signiature off of craftster, you have more yarns here than you posted there! i love looking at handspun, i just can't stop, i think i'm addicted to handspun porn! lol

  4. These photos remind me of your light box, which reminds me of our apartment, which makes me teary. I'm so darn easy! ugh. whatever. I miss you I guess. alot.

    Love you!


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