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Contrary to popular belief...

I have not been eaten by bears. But I have been slacking on posting. Come on. We knew this would happen, didn't we?

I have been busy!! I've been cleaning, romping around, cutting my hair, playing with my hair, running around outside without shoes and getting (at least a little tan), knitting, teasing my cat, running in fear from my cat, getting into car wrecks, working hard, and reading. Oh and cooking.

So my newest hobby is soap making. I saw a bar of handmade soap and it felt like I got struck by lighting. Everything in me immediately wanted to see more! I became hopelessly addicted to looking at pictures of home made soap and day dreaming of the different kinds and possibilities. So I did what any hobbyist would do. I started amassing supplies and google'd the heck out of it. I scoured book stores (to no avail) and the phone books looking for any information and supplies I could get my hands on.

I am happy (and somewhat anxious) to announce I have made my first batch last night. GREAT SCOTT! I'm dying with anticipation. It's sitting in the log mold at home... waiting for me to come home and slice it into bars. I will then need to wait 3 weeks for the soap to cure before I can try it. It's a simple 3 oil recipe fragranced with peppermint + lime + and coconut.

I'm going crazy here. This day couldn't go by fast enough. I want to get home to my soap and make another batch!! ... Is this bad?...

On another note... I suddenly have a great longing for more creativity in my life. Now hear me out. In my mind... knitting, spinning, and soaping isn't very _creative_ It's more... creat_ing_. Now, there is a certain amount of creativity involved... but still.

I want to sew. I miss mixing paint. I want to draw and write down silly things that inspire me. I need to write more music. I need more colour in my life. I mean that literally, not metaphorically. I need colour! I dunno... maybe i just need a bright new red bracelet.


1 comment:

  1. Actually in tears over how excited I am that you have posted again.
    And what a post it is...
    I'm so glad you weren't eaten by bears. For two reasons actually:
    1. You being eaten by bears would suck...I would no longer know anyone who makes their own yarn. I find this to be a pretty important thing in my life.
    2. It's my wish to be eaten by a bear, and if you had gone out and stole my dream death...oh I would be mad at you.
    And now you're making soap...
    Talia, I flip flop daily between thinking you're the oddestly charming person I know and you being just one of the most brilliantly weird people I know...
    And that my friend is my attempt at a compliment.
    And in case that didn't work...

    Great job last Sunday. I know that large stage isn't you're favorite place in the world, but you handled it extremely well and you're songs were a perfect fit for the communion time.

    many many blessings to you and your soap.


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