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Memory Lane and Shampoo

Memories are an amazing thing to me. Certain smells, sights, or sounds can instantly bring you back to a place you had forgotten and was nowhere near on your mind. Strawberries instantly make me feel like a little kid again. Almost without fail, that first bite into a big perfectly ripe strawberry brings me back to that place where I am 5 years old wearing comfy knit shorts with my hair in a messy pony-tail. I remember instantly what it was like to sit on that brown cushy carpet, the one I liked to run my fingers through, and to stare at the lines and markings on the coffee table where my plate of strawberries sat. All the emotions come rushing back that my 5-year-old-self was so familiar with. Oh it was pure messy bliss with the strawberry juice dripping off my face--probably being rubbed into the carpet. Kids are gross.

Okay, that was a wild tangent. All that to say… my sister picked up different shampoo than I normally use and I feel am obligated to use it until I can switch back to my regular stuff. I’ve used it before and the smell is driving me nuts! It reminds me of 2007 and there are many mixed emotions that come with that. Some good… some, eh. Though 2007 was pretty rough for me, the scent doesn’t really bring me down. It mostly reminds me of my independence; specifically of my California road trip. I trekked it to California and back (from Texas) all by my independent self. I’m not gonna lie… I was pleased with myself for accomplishing such a feat. The trip was amazing. And I didn’t crash and die or anything.

But the scent is still driving me nuts.


Speaking of soaps. I wan't absolutely everything from here.


  1. I could live at lush!!!! There bath bombs are a preveiw of heaven!!!

  2. Dang it i put there instead of their!!!! and preveiw instead of preview!!!!! Why am I so challenged!!!!

  3. In honor of your 4 yr anniversary, I'm going back and catching up on missed blog posts. I am SO SORRY for buying a soap that brought back a bad time. I NEVER KNEW THIS!

    I have totally done that to myself and it is weird. Anyways, just for the record, you were absolutely NOT obligated to use it, in fact, I was probably mad at you for dwindling my shampoo. Next time we are living together, single, in an apartment, feel free to not help finish my shampoo that makes you feel funny <3 :) ;)

    Love you!


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