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So Fresh and So Clean!

My Second batch is my favorite of the two as far as the lather goes.

Honeysuckle + Vanilla
2 lb. batch
Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, water, lye, fragrance, happiness

It smells almost like a warm sugared vanilla with a sweet gentle floral note. The lather is incredible and the scent is soft after the wash. I love this soap!


  1. Yay for soap....but more yay for the title of the post!!!! I say that every time I drink a Gin & Tonic...because it is true and because I am seriously thug!!!!

  2. Holy heck, this sounds and looks fantastic. You're reminding me of Sarah Agnes Prine right now. Ever read These Is My Words?...it's tragic and painful and a hesitate to recommend it, except that the good bits are so. darn. glorious. Also: she made great soap.


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