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Shake the leaves off the trees

It’s funny, how people’s perception can carry so much weight. Logically I know that ultimately it doesn’t matter. And really I’m not that insecure of a person where I live my life by catering to this and that, but at the same time... when you can feel people pouring over and scrutinizing you, perhaps judging or assessing... it's nerve racking, and you start questioning this and that. Even when you are certain you are mentally strong, it is amazing how many hairline cracks you can see with a little doubt.

I feel scrutinized. It’s a hard feeling to shake. Who is man that I need to prove myself? I have chosen to live my life to honor God. Ultimately, the only one that I want approval is from my Father. I will not be moved.

Shake the leaves off the trees.


I bought a loom. Now I can weave all kinds of awesome stuff. I made a plaid scarf.

1 comment:

  1. Not that I feel that you need my opinion, but I judge you as awesome!

    I'm curious as to what brought this post up though.
    Know that if you ever need to chat or just get a beer and sit (I know you're not one for gushing your feelings...or that's how I've assessed you...tink) I available.

    Loom on!


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