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Day Off!

Let me start by saying how sore I am. I visited my dad yesterday afternoon after church. He was busy building his rabbit shed but was at a bit of a stand-still until he finished the roof. He wasn't able to get on the roof himself so I jumped in hammer in hand! I climbed up on the shed, and with my dad's handy assistance, we were able to finish the roof on the shed! It wasn't until this morning that I realized that I have, in fact, been sitting at a desk for the last two years. Wooowwwweee! I'm out of shape! My back hurts like I can't even remember! All just from kneeling and swinging a hammer. All in all, I'm soooo pleased with how the roof came out and it was the best hanging out with dad! But I'm kind of a sissy la-la. No wonder I don't work out. I'm beat.

Today, however, is the perfect day for a day off. It's warm but not too warm. Breezy but not chilly. Kinda cloudy, kinda sunny. Just delicious in my opinion! I went to my parent's house this morning and surprised my mom and grandma with a girls' morning out. We went to the Magnolia Pancake Haus and had a great time.

After that I went to my friend Rachel's store to plan our upcoming date and to drop in and say hello. Let me tell you, her store Bless your Heart is amazing!! If you are ever in the area you _must_ stop by. Your socks will be charmed right off. You have been warned. There's so many sickeningly cute things! There are pretty little things just to be pretty! The store truly makes me happy. It really does. They have some gorgeous jewelry too. If I were to sum up the store in one word? "Fabulous" would be it. While I was there I did a little shopping myself. I got the cutest little one piece jumper with this gorgeous embroidery and intricate beads. I plan on wearing it to Fiesta this year. Thanks Rachel for helping me pick it out!!! Wee!!!!! I love summer clothes!!

Bieow Bieow Approves.

I went to Best Buy with a gift card and purchased myself a treat. DVD treats!!

Lastly, heres a sneak peek of what I'll be spinning in the near future. Get a load of these nummy fiber colours. Nom Nom Nom. Don't be too jealous.




  1. TALIA ITS KATLIN! I kicked LJ out the window! wahhhhh!!!!

  2. "sissy la-la"

    enough said.

    Sissy. (not lala though)


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