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Keep Myself Busy

Hello Babies!

I've been keeping myself quite busy!

I received my shipment of fiber this month from my Spunky Club --Myrtle. It's preeeeetty delicious. I'll say that much. It's a natural brown Blue Faced Leicaster dyed with hues of soft maroony-purples, true blue, and green. It's every colour you would want in a plaid shirt. It's very organic and manly in my opinion. And it's ooooh so soft. It has the best crimp to the fiber. Absolutely wonderful to spin. You've done it again Boogie!

The finished result is a gorgeous yarn with the perfect amount of sproingy-ness to it. I was fearful that the colours would be muddied when spun up, and it would lose some of it's boldness. The result is a beautiful, natural, organic sort of colour changes. I knit up a small swatch and the colours end up being nicely and sensibly subtle. I plan on gifting this yarn to a knitter-friend at work. I think this is right up his alley.



In other news, I puppy sat this weekend!! It makes me wish I had a puppy. Also... Bioew Bieow hated life. For that reason, I won't get a puppy. That and I don't have a yard.

Meet Olive!!

Olive Jones

Olive Jones

Tooooo cute. She is an absolute sweetheart and she has the best puppy ears!! She's pretty mild mannered for a pup her age and she likes to play and cuddle. I took her on a walk though, and she's kind of a sissy. She kept leaping up begging me to pick her up. ha ha! I love dogs. I can't wait to get a pup of my own!!

Yesterday I spent all day dyeing wool for future spin ups. I will post pictures of that later. Today I have another day off from working on the weekend. I plan on spinning all day and cooking delicious things. It's going to be a good day :)


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  1. haha you called Olive a "sissy". My dog does the exact same thing I can't even walk her to the mailbox. and yay for yarn and pretty colors! squirrel time is needed VERY soon!


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